Industrial Staffing

Are you looking for employees? From flexible staffing to community recruitment to on-demand hiring, learn the strategies today’s businesses use to find the best talent and set themselves up for growth.

As an international student or immigrant, trying to understand the current Canadian job market can be intimidating. You might be wondering where to start! Here at Jombone, we have the platform, staff, and tools to help you understand the market and land your perfect position.
The world is getting smaller every day. With mobile devices and internet access, it can sometimes feel like you know everyone around you without ever meeting anybody face-to-face. Hiring in today’s climate can be a challenge, so the question arises: Should we be using staffing platforms?
The majority of business operations have been digitized in the past year, especially with the pandemic forcing us to climb behind our screens. The process of recruiting is a lengthy one, but it doesn’t have to steal too much of your work weeks’ time and dedication. The solution? A staffing platform.
From the perspective of an HR professional, 2020 will be remembered as the year that the pivotal role of HR has been one of maintaining a ‘sense of normalcy’ and calm, while implementing pandemic health and safety procedures never implemented by HR leaders before. The digital technology transformation we’ve experienced in the past year will shape the future we live in tomorrow.
While essential businesses have expanded their staff to support unexpected surges in consumption, many other businesses have experienced massive reductions to their product markets and in many cases have had to reduce their operations to a bare minimum of staff or closed their businesses completely. An on-demand, flexible workforce strategy is needed in these unprecedented times. So, which questions should you be asking surrounding your on-demand workforce?
Many industries have transformed their operations through the application of digital technology, pivoting their business model with a more ‘self-serve’ empowered approach in delivering their value proposition and competitive edge of quantitative ROI to their Customers. Looking forward, there’s many reasons why industrial staffing is headed into a digital landscape.
No Show, No Call is at the top of the list of pain points faced by companies that hire temporary staff from agency resources. It is a situation that happens when ‘Confirmed Workers’ do not arrive for their job shifts. This can cause costly delays in the company’s operations. Jombone’s staffing platform offers the tools to reduce no-shows for no more problems.
With unemployment been at a historical low rate and increase in minimum wages, companies are finding it extremely difficult to hire the right talent at the right time. This in turn results in the work being suffered which eventually costs companies a lot of money and poor service level agreements to its customers. It’s essential to know how to hire the best talent first.