How Digital Technology Enables Hiring Managers

From the perspective of an HR professional, 2020 will be remembered as the year that the pivotal role of HR has been one of maintaining a ‘sense of normalcy’ and calm, while implementing pandemic health and safety procedures never implemented by HR leaders before. The digital technology transformation we’ve experienced in the past year will shape the future we live in tomorrow.

There’s a ‘first-time’ for everything.

Over the last 10 years, HR professionals have used data analytics to proactively manage key employee information, providing them with vital insights by drilling-down into their employee data to improve workforce engagement categorically:

  • Attendance and sick time/personal day usage
  • Productivity KPI measurements in relation to performance management results
  • Short term disability & Long term disability ‘leave’ history by functional department
  • Analysis of varying shift employee turn-over
  • Benefits, RRSP contribution match and pension enrolment
  • Proactive compensation benchmarking to current-market pay scales
  • Employee learning and development initiatives and engagement participation

The results of this information equips HR departments with knowledge on trending internal issues, and the opportunity to proactively develop HR initiatives to retain and develop their workforces for stability and long-term succession planning.

Data analytics has proven to be a useful tool for mid and ERP size level organizations to manage attraction, motivation and retention and been very effective in their combat of the ‘war for talent’ during the last decade.

As anyone who has spent time recruiting is well aware, labour workforces can be transient in nature and evolve due to many criteria such as legal work status, home location, transportation used, transferrable ‘hard and soft’ skills, communication abilities, lifestyle employment needs and availability, to name a few.

Digital technology transformation enabled staffing platforms attract, engage and capture key qualifying information to match prospective employees to your changing workflow and production needs have never been more needed than now.

The digital technology transformation solves real-time ‘on-demand’ hiring challenges!

Having a plan to face unknown obstacles ahead is now a high priority for HR leaders today. Using a digital hiring platform embedded with leading-edge features and automated recruitment ‘best-practices’ enables HR professionals to be freed-up to focus on their higher priorities allowing technology to do the heavy-lifting in the background!

Workforce scheduling to cover fluctuating labour needs for production, warehousing and distribution, e-commerce fulfilment and even front office roles like customer service/call-centre and administration can be managed using our comprehensive digital, end-to-end solution powered by the latest artificial intelligence with blockchain security technology.

Recent surveys conducted on HR Leaders indicated that COVID-19 uncovered a new issue that keeps HR and senior management ‘up-at-night’.

Getting closer to employee ‘souls’ and what really matters and motivates workforces.

Our Jombone technology has addressed and automated all of the ‘moving-parts’ of qualifying, screening and vetting prospective employees empowering them with ‘user preferences’ and our technology to intelligently pre-match candidates to your labour needs beginning with their local access to your workplace facility.

In 2020, COVID-19 has taught us that agility, resilience and staying nimble are the mandatory ‘moving parts’ to position our operations ahead of the ever-changing curve of our unknown obstacles.