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4 Ways a Staffing Platform Can Accelerate Your Business Forward


The majority of business operations have been digitized in the past year, especially with the pandemic forcing us to climb behind our screens. The process of recruiting is a lengthy one, but it doesn’t have to steal too much of your work weeks’ time and dedication. The solution? A staffing platform.

If more than 58% of today’s job seekers are looking for jobs on their phones and mobile devices, why aren’t businesses looking for them in the same way?

Today, let’s dive into four ways a staffing platform can help you strengthen and ramp up your workforce for success.

1. Access fully screened, dependable candidates on-demand 

Going through staffing agencies piles on unnecessary costs. After all, someone might be moving along the recruiting process for you, but does it ever really feel less complicated? With a staffing platform like Jombone, you can access experienced, dependable candidates, all located on the same screen.

Your business can control its staffing and eliminate the unnecessary back-and-forth transactions that lengthen the hiring process. Simply open up candidates’ profiles and have access to their:

  • Government-issued ID’s
  • Work status
  • Skills
  • Education history
  • Previous employment details
  • Shift availability
  • Video cover letters
  • Locations
  • Uploaded documents (resumes, reference letters and more)

With direct access to high-quality, fully screened candidates, your business can pour more time into essential tasks by automating the hiring cycle.

2. Saving time with a staffing platform

Sifting through endless amounts of resumes and conducting interviews is then followed by keeping track of candidates, managing offers, and approving multiple documents to get workers started. With a staffing platform, you can optimize the employment life cycle and automate all your processes.

Jombone allows you to:

  • Post, monitor, freeze and delete jobs
  • Manage employee timesheet data
  • Allocate shifts to employees
  • Add tasks and reminders that you can assign to anyone in the company
  • Access reports that summarize business activity

With all of these features, you can grow your team while putting back some time into your pockets to extract for other essential tasks.

3. Jombone: Easy on your company wallet

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs. In this case, the solution is on your mobile device!

Paying staffing agencies can quickly dwindle the budget you have for recruiting. Instead of pouring your funds into a process where you cannot keep close tabs on the payoff of their efforts, a staffing platform does it all for you. By eliminating the middleman and watching the recruitment process unfold on your desktop, your company has more control over its recruiting operations at a lower cost.

4. Efficiency is the Answer

Looking into the future, the key to unlocking a high-performing staff and staying connected efficiently is by using staffing platform technologies like Jombone.

Sure, your business could go through the lengthy process of engaging a staffing agency to do the nitty-gritty work for you, but why would you do that when you could do it all more efficiently for less?

Are you interested in how your business can save costs and start hiring 5-star employees?