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How Staffing Services Solve Your Holiday Demand

Satisfying Holiday Demand

It’s a known fact that consumers are buying more during the Holiday months. By the time December rolls around, malls are full, and online orders are skyrocketing. On the business end of things, this can be a difficult season to manage. Your business needs helping hands right away, which is where national staffing services like Jombone can come in and save the day. 

With a platform that enables you to manage the end-to-end employment life cycle in one place, you can scale up your workforce with ease to satisfy your Holiday demand.

1. Enabling just-in-time hiring

During the Holiday season, you’ll likely need to scale up on short notice. Instead of posting a job and sending your human resources team on a mission to file through endless amounts of resumes, you could be finding workers in a few simple clicks. Using Jombone’s digital staffing platform, you can post jobs simpler than ever before. 

View applicants or workers near you. On their digital candidate profiles, you can see all of their work documents, past experiences, qualifications, and gain a personal feel for who’s behind the profile by viewing their video introductions.

Communicate with them directly through the platform using our audio and video calling features. You can even view their shift availability to start planning a step ahead. The resources on the Jombone platform are endless, and the candidates are of top-tier quality. 

2. Quality Candidates

Hiring quickly is doable but hiring the right people for the job is tricky. Using Jombone’s staffing services your business will have access to a background-checked, pre-screened pool of employment-ready candidates. We only want to offer the best that we can, and the candidate pool we present to you is monitored and verified to enable your success. 

The icing on the cake about all of these features: they’re all available on one single platform. 

3. Manage your workforce from one place

Your business can save cost on its operations by utilizing one single tool, rather than using multiple different digital tools to achieve the same goal. Using the Jombone platform you can recruit, onboard, provide Health and Safety training, leverage online timesheets, and automate your payroll processes. Integrated with trusted services like Microsoft, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and QuickBooks, Jombone is doing the heavy lifting so you can operate smoothly. 

Your business can even use the platform’s reporting tools to see data on how your business is managing its hiring operations. With Jombone, the Holiday demand has nothing on you. 

Are you interested in scaling up your workforce, for less? Click the button below to watch a demo and see our platform in action!