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4 Reasons Why Businesses Will Continue Relying on Contingent Labour


By definition, contingent labour is talent brought into companies on a temporary, on-demand basis. There are common questions floating around on how contingent labour can be beneficial for an organization. Let’s dive into the 4 main reasons why businesses will continue relying on contingent labour.

1. Contingent labour helps businesses adapt to current market changes

Leveraging contingent labour helps businesses minimize overhead expenses. With temporary labour coming in and out you can avoid the hurdles of hiring full-time employees. There’s also flexibility offered with a contingent workforce. Businesses can test, assess & plan for upcoming projects.

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2. Contingent labour helps address workflow fluctuation

The volatile nature of business operations, for instance, the surge in demand around the holiday season, poses a challenge for businesses to remain efficient and organized. Thus, an employment-ready blue-collar workforce can come to the rescue to ensure productivity.

3. Contingent labour enables project-specific deadlines

There are often situations where businesses are faced with tasks that need hands to help ASAP. These aren’t the types of tasks that require hiring full-time labour; as the need is just now! Leveraging a temporary workforce can equip you to be prepared for such short notice contingencies.

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4. Contingent labour helps support geographic market expansion

Businesses often engage in projects at new locations. This may be due to either business expansion activities or some long distant time-sensitive projects. A contingent workforce can be the game-changer, as it enables businesses to be able to operate in such scenarios. Contingent labour allows businesses to scale easily and flex their workforce with ease.

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