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Self Service

Have your in-house recruitment and hiring managers manage all your hiring and staffing needs. You don't need staffing agency support.
Unlimited Organic Applicants
What's Included

Self-Service + Recruitment Support

Need help with recruitment? Have your hiring team post job orders and be presented with quality applicants.
$25 per screened applicant
Everything in Self-service +

Fully Managed Service

Looking to outsource your hiring and staffing? Jombone will provide you with a fully managed solution, completely digital!
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Flexible ON-Demand Service Add ONs Available!

Basic Criminal Record Check
At $15/ Check
Identity Verification Checks
At $5/ Check
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Self-service is for businesses with their own recruiters or HR teams. Here’s how it works:

Submit Job Orders or Post shift requirements: Your team posts job orders/ or shift requirements on the Jombone staffing platform.
Receive Organic Candidates: Get applications from employment-ready candidates who are matched to your requirements.
Shortlist and Hire: Your team selects and confirms candidates for jobs/ work assignments.

You can hire candidates permanently at no extra cost, or as temporary workers with Jombone handling payroll and deductions. This option is perfect for businesses that want to control their hiring process and pay minimal hourly markup fees. Jombone ensures all compliance requirements are met.

Self-service + Recruitment Support is for businesses with their own recruiters or HR teams but need extra help for high volume, on-demand and/ or seasonal peaks requirements. Here’s how it works:

Submit Job Orders: Your team posts job openings on the Jombone platform.
Receive Screened Candidates: Jombone Community Recruiters screen and assess candidates for you. Learn more about Community Recruiters.
Shortlist and Hire: Choose from both organically matched applicants and those selected by recruiters.

You can hire candidates permanently at no extra cost or as temporary workers with Jombone handling payroll and deductions. This option is perfect for businesses wanting to keep control while getting extra support for faster, quality or high volume hires. Jombone ensures all compliance requirements are met.

Recruitment Support connects you with Jombone Community Recruiters. Here’s how it works:

Post Job Orders: You post job openings or shift requirements.
Recruiters Get Alerts: Recruiters specializing in your business area, hiring segment and location receive these alerts.
Screened Candidates: Recruiters find,  screen and present digital candidate profiles to you.
Digital Profiles: You review the screened profiles on the Jombone platform and make your final decision.

This helps you get the right candidates quickly and easily. Learn more about Community Recruitment.

Yes, you can. Here’s how:

Set Budgets: You set specific budgets for each job order or hiring position.
Control Spending: Decide how much you want to spend based on your needs.
Stop When Done: Once your needs are met or you disable the budgets, you stop receiving screened applicants.

This way, you have full control over your recruitment costs.

Fully Managed service offers a modern twist on traditional staffing agencies. Here’s how it works:

Dedicated Account Manager: You get a dedicated Account Manager to set up your staffing account with Jombone.
Team Support: Recruiters and Account Managers handle sourcing, screening, placing, and managing workers for you. Everything happens on the platform.
Digital technology-Enabled: The entire process is digital, and you get your own login in case you would like to login to check things out. You will also use your login to approve time sheets.
Transparency: You have full visibility into your staffing operations.
Budgets Management and Reporting: Your Account Manager sets up budgets, costs, and reports. Have your departments or HR get on-demand access to all reports in real-time.
Facial Recognition Time Clocks: Jombone provides iPad-based time clocks for streamlined time entry, payroll, and payments.
This approach combines traditional support with modern technology for a seamless experience.

Here’s a simple guide: Identify Your Needs: Are your hiring needs annual, ongoing, project-based, or seasonal? Check Your Team: Do you have an in-house recruiter, HR generalist, manager, or supervisor to manage your hiring? Choose Based on Support:
  • Self-Service: Manage recruitment yourself with organic applications.
  • Recruitment Support: Get help with sourcing and screening to save your team’s time. This will considerably free your employees to focus on your business.
  • Fully Managed: For complex needs, let Jombone handle everything for you.
Remember, you’re not locked into any plan and can switch as needed. If you still have questions, contact Jombone by clicking (Let’s Talk)

Pricing is simple:

Monthly Subscription: Pay a monthly fee to access the Jombone platform.
Recruitment Support: If you have this plan, pay $25 per screened applicant until your budget limit.
Direct Hiring: Hire as many people as you want on your own payroll with no extra charges.
Temporary Workers: Pay a small markup on the worker’s weekly pay. You’ll be billed for the hours worked and approved timesheets.

Check the pricing section above for full details.

Your billing cycle starts from the day you select your plan and ends 30 days after.

You can pay your monthly subscription by setting up a credit card. Staffing invoices, generated at the end of the work week, can be instantly paid by a credit card on file. Alternatively, you can use the Direct Debit option to link your bank account for automatic payments or pay by wire transfers. Please note that staffing markups will vary based on the payment method chosen. For full details, check the pricing section above. If you have any questions, let’s connect. Let’s Talk

Optional on-demand add-ons are services you need on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you want a criminal background check before hiring a candidate, you can initiate the check and get the results directly on the platform. You can choose to pay for this service or have the candidate pay during the process.
For a full list of add-ons, please check the Add-Ons section above

Yes, you can. Here’s how:

Upgrade or Downgrade: Change your plan anytime. You’ll only be charged for the prorated period you use before the change.
Cancellation: If you cancel mid-subscription period, you’ll have access to the platform until the plan end date.

Yes, your data will always be retained, even if you don’t have a paid plan. However, you will lose access to the platform functionalities. You can still log in but won’t be able to take any actions. To access your data, you need a paid subscription plan. We will keep your plan and data for a period of 3 years after your last subscription end date, after which your account will be archived.

We operate on a strict no-refund policy for subscription purchases. Once a subscription is purchased and the payment is processed, it is non-refundable. However, if you decide to cancel your subscription, you will still have access to our product and services until the end of the current billing cycle. We aim to ensure that you continue to benefit from our offerings throughout the remaining duration of your subscription period.