Staffing Agencies vs. Staffing Platforms

When it comes to staffing, there are many ways your business can go about it. Traditional staffing agencies can help you find candidates, but can they help you find the right ones efficiently? Finding the right fit for your business is essential. 

Today we’re covering four ways a staffing platform trumps a staffing agency, and how you can benefit from digitalization. 

1. Cost Efficiency

Staffing agencies are convenient, but they can be very costly to work with. In fact, staffing overhead costs can be the most expensive to uphold for your business. Finding the right candidates for your business should not drain the bottom line, and that’s where a staffing platform can offer you the perfect solution. 

Here at Jombone, we offer you more efficiency for less than what a staffing agency can. With more capabilities and control over your staffing, Jombone’s staffing solution will have your business running like a well-oiled machine. Cut your recruiting time in half, and the costs! Additionally, utilize the assets that are available to you locally. 

2. Localized Candidate Pools 

Staffing agencies struggle to tap into local candidates. You might not know what you’re getting, and you might be missing out on potential workers that are in your area. Longer commutes for candidates creates stress in their work flow, resulting in absences or lack of motivation at the workplace. 

At Jombone, we offer your business a localized candidate pool full of pre-screened individuals. With qualifications visible on each candidate’s profile, you never have to worry about the person that’s showing up for the job. Using our integrated Google Maps feature, you can see your candidates commute, their shift availability, and all of their qualifications. The capabilities are endless with a staffing platform, but limited with an agency. 

3. Digitized Staffing Processes

Staffing agencies use processes that are outdated. Filling out paperwork, making phone calls, and going through processes that aren’t necessary with all of the digital tools we have today is only wasting more time and money for your business. A staffing platform is not only easier to manage; it’s easier on the trees. 

Jombone’s staffing platform leverages digitalization to offer all of your staffing processes in an automated, completely digital fashion. This includes facial recognition time-entry systems, intelligent search and matching, video introductions, digital background and reference checks, payroll processing, and shift scheduling and management to only list a few of the features. From the initial interview and background check to sending out your shift schedule and paying your employee, do it smarter from the safety of your mobile device. 

4. 24/7 Customer Support

Staffing agency employees clock out at the end of the work day. What happens when there’s an issue at midnight or on a weekend, and you have no staffing agency to get a hold of? With our staffing platform here at Jombone, you have unlimited access to support at all hours of the day. We offer customer support 24/7 so that your business has the help it deserves when it needs it. 

When it comes to your staffing needs, choose the smarter solution. Staffing agencies can offer you many benefits, but a staffing platform can offer you even more benefits, with more freedom and control, for less! 

Are you still skeptical? Click the button below to use our Cost Savings Calculator to find out how simple your business’s operations can be!

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