Impact Of Rising Inflation On Canadian Job Market

It seems 2020 has been the year of new business ‘buzz’ words like pivot, agility, resilience, 360, and disruption. With rapidly advancing technologies these ‘buzz’ words have become nouns with transformative, magical-sounding new concepts. Disruption has had a bad ‘rap’ and the winds of change and technology have given it a positive, exciting new meaning of ‘profound change improvement’ in 2020!
As much as 2020 has been a time of unprecedented change, it has brought huge technological transformation that we’ve accepted far more readily in our new life circumstances. Today we’re going to cover 3 reasons 5G makes digital technology a game-changer.
It’s easy to understand how the past 3 industrial revolutions have laid a foundation that has advanced us to our present state which has been termed, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. We’ve progressed to a point where technology is continuously integrated into our industry and supply chain environments enabling our growing world and populations to receive better goods and services as quickly as possible.
E-commerce revenue has grown multi-fold over the last few years and retailers are determined to capture their fair share of the E-Commerce trade establishing a digital presence to safeguard and hopefully grow their market-share. Typically, this requires operations to adapt their supply chain facilitating a ‘just-in-time’ process, geared to smaller-sized, high-volume order fulfillment work-flows. Amazon has surpassed Walmart as the world’s largest retailer and eCommerce has resulted in about 75% of the overall retail growth globally. Propelled by