Case Study

Case Study: Digitalized Workforce Management


Coming to Jombone with multiple staffing challenges, an office furniture retailer and their management system needed a digitalized upgrade. Through the digitalization and automation of their processes, this organization now efficiently manages their workforce, eliminating workforce management errors. 

Challenges Faced

The company involved in this Case Study offers thousands of office and furniture products, employing hundreds of hard workers. Spread across Canada in 8 different distribution centres, they faced challenges in implementing an efficient process to manage their warehouse workers effectively.

One challenge faced was the lack of familiarity in the workforce, even though the workforce is temporary. Knowing the names of the workers in the warehouses was difficult when the processes to keep track of workflows and shifts were outdated, manual, and paper-based. 

Paper-based timesheets and break management became particularly difficult for the organization, creating a bottleneck in their operations. Lack of control, and managing the visibility of profiles, shifts, and availability became a significant challenge for them, indicating a necessary change was to be implemented within the company’s management system. 

Jombone’s Digitalized Staffing Platform Solution

Jombone’s digital staffing platform was implemented into the company’s warehouse and distribution centres, digitalizing and revolutionizing their staffing and hiring processes. The digital staffing platform was utilized through applications available on iOS and Android devices, freely downloadable for all stakeholders. Additionally, an iPad is installed in each warehouse to enable Facial-Recognition Time-Entry. 

Workers at this organization now use the Jombone mobile app to manage their hiring profiles, display their names, and add a personal touch, even to a temporary workforce. Workers can additionally display their availability and preferences on their digital profiles enabling management to efficiently plan shifts and schedule smarter. After offering shifts, workers can accept and decline shifts in-app, managing their work-life in a newly digitalized way. 

Upon arrival at the worksite, workers use the installed iPads to clock in and out of their shifts and record breaks using facial-recognition artificial intelligence. After reading their facial features and entering their code, employee workflows are automatically updated in the Jombone Business App.

Their management uses the Jombone Business App to approve timesheets, automatically sending them to finance, where payroll is then processed and automated by the Jombone system. To aid the business in implementing the technology, Jombone offers 24/7 customer support available to all clients who use the digital staffing platform. 

After Jombone digitalized the management system, they could access shared services while cutting costs. Through the power of digital staffing, workforce management errors were eliminated, and the installation of Jombone created a refreshing, innovative, efficient experience for the organization’s team. 

Ensuring Service Quality & Cost Savings 

Through the power of digital technology, the Jombone system simplifies industrial staffing. Jombone fully automates and standardizes staffing best practices across multiple industries. The digital staffing platform successfully transformed the company’s staffing experience into an enjoyable, efficient process. Lastly, the organization enjoyed the benefits of a freshly digitalized system at an exceptional price, producing significant cost savings for the company.