Hiring Locally to Ensure Productivity

When hiring for your business, there are hidden gems around you locally that are ready to propel your operations forward. Hiring locally can accelerate your business forward for a number of reasons. Today, we’re going over three benefits of community recruitment and hiring a local workforce. 

1. Ensure productivity with integrated of Google Maps

Wanting to focus on hiring locally seems like a great idea, but how can you do this? With Jombone’s staffing platform, you can use the built in Google Maps tool to map out your future candidate’s route. Check to see how far away a candidate is, and how they’re going to get to work. This can help you plan shifts accordingly and organize an employee’s schedule considerately. 

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Additionally, Jombone’s staffing platform allows you to view candidates in a map view. This way when you’re looking for candidates you can see where all candidates are located nearby. A large problem in the blue-collar industry is no-shows. With a shorter commute, your workers are prone to avoid blowing off their shift, enabling operational excellence and equipping your company with a reliable workforce. 

2. Just in time hiring

An important advantage of hiring locally means enabling just in time hiring. When short-notice deadlines arise and you need more hands on the site immediately, a local workforce can aid you. Jombone’s staffing platform is populated with employment-ready candidates that are near your business and are ready to work on short-notice. 

By hiring Jombonians, you can reduce your training and onboarding time since each candidate’s qualifications are visible on their profile. You can hire employees that already have the training they need, creating a seamless onboarding process flow. Especially with Holiday work demand increases coming around the corner, a local workforce can help you in your period of hectic Holiday craziness!

3. Advanced staff scheduling capabilities

Once you’ve leveraged your local workforce, managing them is the next big task on your plate. On the Jombone staffing platform you can complete the hiring process, but the capabilities go beyond just that. Instead of using multiple different tools to manage and schedule your workforce, you can do it all in one place. 

Access a candidate’s shift availability, offer shifts, and continue to manage the processes after that as well. With Jombone’s staffing platform you can implement online timesheet management and automate your payroll. With a fully end-to-end management tool, your business can operate effortlessly. 

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