Conquer Holiday Staffing Needs

3 Ways To Conquer Your Holiday Staffing Needs

When the Christmas music starts playing, the holiday staffing scramble officially commences. With a surge in demand for your products, your business will need help managing their staff to meet the Holiday craze. Today we’re going over three different ways you can conquer your Holiday staffing needs and make it through the Merry Season, effortlessly.

1. Scheduling full-time and part-time workers

One of the most difficult tasks for management is curating a schedule that works for all of its employees. With some workers needing more flexibility in their schedule to accommodate for family, and some workers hungry for more hours, scheduling can be tricky.

Using the help of a staffing platform can help you schedule your workers in an efficient, innovative way. On Jombone’s staffing platform, candidates can update their preferences and shift availability in the app, making it easier for management to schedule correctly the first time, while keeping employees happy simultaneously.

2. Beating Holiday Burnout

Finding and retaining workers during the Holiday season is a challenge because of the mighty Holiday burnout your employees will inevitably feel. With a higher demand in your products comes a higher level of stress. It’s up to management to help staff manage their Holiday burnout by showing their appreciation, accommodating to needs, and organizing events.

A simple Holiday party or team lunch can boost morale in employees and make them feel more passionate about the work they do for your business. Christmas bonuses, praise in the workplace, and posivity are great stepping stones to defeating Holiday burnout amongst your workforce.

3. Incentivize Tough Shifts

In every job there are tasks that are more attractive than others. During the Holiday period, there are shifts that are more attractive than others. In order to fill those tough shift times, consider offering an incentive to your employees. Your workforce will be more inclined to complete a night shift if they’re met with a reward upon completion.

Conquering the Holiday Demand is on every manager’s wish-list. If you need help conquering yours, consider using staffing services to aid your staffing and recruiting needs. At Jombone, we do it all for less. Click the button below to use our Cost Savings Calculator and see how much you can save as a business this Holiday season!