Interview Tips

Congrats, you’ve got an interview! Come check out our tips to lower your stress and prepare for your interview confidently, distinguish yourself from the other candidates, and make an impression that will get you hired.

The thank-you email sent after a job interview is as important to the interview process as the job search, the job application, and the cover letter. This simple step is overlooked by many, so taking the time to show appreciation for the interviewer’s time can separate you from other job seekers and elevate you to being the best candidate for the job in the employer’s eyes.
You’ve landed a job interview, and this is your chance to win the job you want. It all comes down to having a successful interview that impresses the company. There’s no doubt that job hunting can be stressful. A job interview doesn’t have to be stressful as there are factors within your control that will decrease the pressure and increase your odds of landing the job.
We’re going to show you how to turn the challenging remote interview scenario into your competitive advantage. By familiarizing yourself with video platforms, staging your environment, using your attire and body language to make a visual impact, and being adequately prepared mentally, you can set yourself apart from candidates who haven’t and land the dream job you want.
Interviews can indeed be a daunting experience. You’ve diligently conducted your research, rehearsed your responses, and carefully selected your attire. But when it comes to the interview day itself, that’s where the real challenge begins and where you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself from others. We will explore some crucial last-minute interview tips that will enable you quickly prepare yourself to enter the interview room with confidence and preparedness.
Past employment, skills and abilities, and experience all play important roles in landing you a job, but the version of yourself you present to an employer is often the most important. If two people walk into the interview room and have the same qualifications, the one with the most charisma and integrity will get that job. On a team or on your own, there are certain traits employers look for when deciding who to hire.
Maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult. Between a household full of family, or being a student with a demanding schedule, you need the tools to still enjoy your free time.