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Should We Be Using Staffing Platforms?


The world is getting smaller every day. With mobile devices and internet access, it can sometimes feel like you know everyone around you without ever meeting anybody face-to-face. Hiring in today’s climate can be a challenge, so the question arises: Should we be using staffing platforms? 

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisors on staffing & workforce solutions, believe that staffing automation will not only be pivotal in providing cost efficiency but also help the industry digitize in this era of emerging platform ecosystem.

A New World

COVID-19 completely changed the way businesses and consumers interact. As a result, most of us are starting to get comfortable with using technology. Getting comfortable with technology isn’t just an asset anymore; it’s a necessity. 

With Gen Z exceeding millennials, business operations must adapt to accommodate the modern workforce and we all know that they love a good app. The abbreviation for application, app, became an official word itself in 2008, a year after the first iPhone release. Things are changing every day, and we have to adapt. 

The Power of Staffing Platforms

In the business world, adapting to this new digital age requires innovation, and staffing apps might be your answer. Here at Jombone, we provide a revolutionary digital staffing platform. By automating the hiring and staffing process, your business can reduce labour costs and work efficiently. 

Jombone has championed staffing challenges by empowering businesses to flex their workforce using simple, technical staffing technology. From automatic payroll processing to facial recognition time-based entry systems, Jombone transforms the staffing process. So skip the middle man and upgrade the way your business operates. After all, the world is getting smaller and smaller in that media bubble, and we need to figure out how to navigate it. 

Do you want to learn more about the Jombone platform through a demo? Click the button below to connect with our sales team and find a plan that works for your business.