How To Write a Follow Up Email

After leaving the interview room, your job as a potential candidate isn’t complete just yet. The impression that you leave on the interviewer can be amplified and strengthened with a simple follow-up email, but crafting a memorable one can be tricky. Did you know that the average open rate for emails is only 34%?

We’ve outlined some tips to ensure your follow-up email doesn’t go unread. 

1. Focus on your subject line

When opening emails, every user decides whether to open their emails based on who sent them the message and what it’s about. Make sure to keep your subject line short since you have a limited amount of space to work with. Anything too long will get cut off and miss the receiver’s attention, especially if they are opening their mail on their mobile device. 

Make sure that it’s clear in your short subject line that your email is a thank you, it’s related to your interview, and that it is from you. Plant a seed in the hiring manager’s inbox that will help grow their memory of you. Once you get them to open the email, your work is halfway complete. 

2. Use concise language

Once the email has been opened, a reader’s attention span shortens. Make sure to keep the language concise in your email by removing any weasel words and filler. Don’t add anything in that isn’t necessary. Before sending out your email make sure to review it and ask yourself, ‘is this something my interviewer will be interested in reading?’

To set you apart from other candidates, mention something specific from your interview. Perhaps you talked about something specific from your last position and your interviewer was particularly interested in it. Further expand on the details they enjoyed in the email but remember, keep it short. 

3. Express excitement

Besides mentioning something about yourself that was discussed in the interview, you may want to highlight something that they spoke about. Making note of anything that impressed you about the company or themselves as an interviewer in your email will work wonders. A hiring manager will feel more inclined to respond if your email is thoughtful and places the spotlight back on them. 

Lastly, make sure to end off your email by expressing your anticipation to hear back from them. A simple, ‘I look forward to hearing from you,’ can make the largest difference when securing your next position. 

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Using these three tips, you can send off your next follow-up email with confidence; stress-free. If you’ve recently completed an interview or sent in a job application but you haven’t heard back, click the button below to figure out what you can do next.