Work Life Balance

How To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is the equilibrium between your personal life and your work. This looks like putting in the hours at work and unwinding afterward without any stress from work-related anxiety. 

Finding the balance between work and life is complicated. In a busy climate, time management is a large task that requires planning and often brings on stress. However, there are tools to help you manage your work-life balance in this digital age, and Jombone is here to do just that. 

Many of us work part-time or on a contract basis, and managing the evolving work journey doesn’t have to be complicated. Temporary employment provides flexibility and freedom, and Jombone is here to help you maximize that freedom. 

So how can you maintain a work-life balance? 

1. Time Management

Running a household and finding a job that fits your family schedule can be difficult. Here at Jombone, you can build your candidate profile and set your shift availability and preferences so that employers can see what works for you when you apply. On the flip side, as a candidate, you can also filter jobs that suit your lifestyle. With Jombone, you can conduct your job hunt and stay organized from your mobile device. Boundaries are important, and we’ll help you set them before the interview begins. 

With our staffing platform, you can apply to jobs in one simple click, accept and decline job offers and even see your location with our integrated Google Maps feature. You can accept and decline weekly shifts, access important documents, and see your hours on the app. The capabilities are endless, enabling a stress-free work life.

With everything work-related in the same digital staffing platform, you can open your device and stay organized from your phone with our downloadable apps available for iOS and Androids. So start working stress-free, and enjoy your family time with your entire presence. 

2. Understanding the Job Market Needs

Student life means having a full plate. Trying to find a temporary or contract-based job that fits around your academics often causes unnecessary stress on a student. With Jombone, you can create your profile and eliminate the tireless search for a position that compromises your education. Filter jobs to match your preferences and shift availability, and stop stressing about finding a job that matches your needs.

Additionally, you can check your pay rates and even filter for your desired pay rate, set your availability to avoid schedule conflicts, filter based on job types, and organize your shift times. Using all of these tools, your work-life balance will finally be manageable.

Our platform gives students the perfect opportunity to find their ideal job and get their foot in the door to maximize their future potential. With the Jombone platform, each candidate can build their network using our networking feature and acquire connections that can last a lifetime. 

Another plus of utilizing our platform to find temporary or contract-based work is the freedom to try out multiple different jobs. Stretch your skills and experience in numerous industries with the Jombone platform. 

More Control, More Freedom

The job hunt typically involves tweaking resumes, scouring the web on multiple platforms for offered positions, and then creating accounts for all of those platforms. With Jombone, you can sign up once and apply for all the jobs you want.