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4 Traits Employers Look For in Potential Candidates

Traits Employers Look For

Past employment, skills and abilities, and experience all play important roles in landing you a job, but the version of yourself you present to an employer is often the most important. If two people walk into the interview room and have the same skills, the one with the most charisma and integrity will get that job. On a team or on your own, there are certain traits employers look for when deciding who to hire. 

Let’s look at 4 different traits employers look for when hiring. 

1. Confidence

Someone has most likely told you at some point in your life that a firm handshake is much better than a weak one. Post-pandemic, these handshakes might not be making their debut, but that firmness needs to carry over into the voice that you use. Confidence fights half the battle for you when trying to land a job. That awesome resume you prepared needs explaining, and you’re the creator of that document. Jombone innovates the application process by enabling video cover letters. Let your confidence speak through a video cover letter and make a lasting impression on your potential employer. 

Simple things like maintaining eye contact, language fluency and improving your posture will improve your confidence. Boosting your confidence will improve your chances of landing a job, and so will working on your professionalism. 

2. Professionalism

86% of companies rated professionalism as a trait employers look for when deciding on who to onboard. To remain professional in interviews, remember to dress appropriately and treat everyone you encounter in the work environment with respect. Staying professional will show your future employer that they don’t have to worry about your efficiency. 

But remember, while remaining professional is vital, don’t forget to display your openness to new experiences. 

3. Ability to take initiative

Employees who dive headfirst into new experiences are more creative and go above and beyond what the task list is telling them to do. Employers love candidates who are proactive.

Employees willing to take risks, bring new ideas to the table and innovate existing processes are extremely valuable assets to a company. Additionally, the willingness to assist others when needed, is appreciated! Workers that go above and beyond and shine at the task at hand are the most desirable.

Candidates that remain focused, driven, and efficient are the most appealing to companies. Additionally, employers love a candidate that is consistently self-aware.

4. Self-awareness 

One of the final traits employers look for in a potential candidate is self-awareness. Nobody wants to hire a worker that they have to babysit. By showing an employer that you self-monitor, they don’t have to worry about holding your hand after onboarding you. They can eliminate micromanaging, and they can have confidence in your abilities. 

Time management is critical, and here at Jombone, we offer a staffing platform that can help you organize your tasks and work schedules, amongst many other things. By being independent and taking charge of your work life, any employer will be jumping at the chance to add you to the team. 

With these four traits employers look for, you can walk into your next interview and smash it.