4 Ways to Distinguish Yourself From Other Candidates

Over the past decade, online interviews have been on the rise and have taken an enormous leap in recent years due to the global pandemic. The pandemic has led to 86% of companies conducting online interviews. A majority of candidates believe that online interviews give them a competitive advantage, but are you still having trouble finding a job? Amid so many candidates, do you feel out of place and lost? Then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at 4 ways to make yourself stand out in an interview: 

1. Conduct in-depth research

Almost half of all candidates don’t get hired because they don’t have enough information about the company. In order to succeed in an interview, you must be prepared. By researching the company thoroughly and doing your due diligence, you gain more confidence, and it shows your interest in the position. During your research, look beyond the company’s website and read news articles, interviews to get a deeper understanding of the company and its values.

2. Prepare examples that display your strengths

Prepare examples from past experiences that demonstrate your skill set and strengths before the interview. Make the most of this opportunity by answering in examples and highlighting your skills that match the requirements of the position and align with its objectives. By doing this, you demonstrate that you have done your research about the position and that you are interested in it. A lack of confidence, poor voice quality, and lack of a smile account for 39% of rejections. It is therefore important that you practice before the interview and that you are confident in your ability to speak. Keeping a smile on your face is always a good idea.

3. Get certificates & licenses

It is important for hiring managers to find candidates that have the skills and experience they require. Having specific certifications and licenses that match the job requirements will give you an edge as a candidate among others. Emphasize your previous career experience and how your skills will be a valuable asset to the company. Find out more about job requirements for a job you’re interested in from one of our community recruiters today. 

4. Show willingness to learn and grow

In the first 90 seconds of the interview, 33% of hiring managers decide whether or not to recruit someone. This implies that you must demonstrate your excitement in the job and eagerness to pick up new abilities and develop personally. Showcase your potential for teamwork while concentrating on the expansion and success of the business. This distinguishes you as a candidate and improves your chances of landing the position.