Last Minute Interview Tips for ob Interview

Last Minute Tips for Your Job Interview

Digital candidate profiles & video cover letters on the Jombone platform help employers in making a quick hiring decision. Additionally, they may want an extra interview to know you better. Your nerves might be on edge before your job interview. Whether it came up sooner than expected, or you’re worried about making a lasting impression, crushing the interview process can be stressful. Whether your interview is in person or through a screen, there’re things you should be actively doing to ensure your success. Today, we’re going over last-minute tips for job interviews that will guarantee a strong first impression. 

1. Company research via Jombone company profiles

When entering an interview, the interviewer is looking for candidates that are proactively eager to join their company. By walking in and having a strong understanding of what the company does, you will be able to show the interviewer that you’ve done your homework, and you’re serious about securing the position. In this Interview Focus article, 2021 Job Interview Statistics To Know Before Your Interview, they highlight how important it is to display your winning personality. 

In a Bullhorn survey, 57% of interviewers said they keep track of how well a candidate’s personality meshes with the employer they are applying to work for. With Jombone company profiles, you can understand the company culture and how they go about their everyday operations, you’ll be able to enter the interview with a good idea of how you can impress them specifically. Remember: each employer is different so coming up with a unique approach is crucial. 

If you’re lost on what you should be researching, start with these items:

  • Industry & domain
  • Skills and experience required
  • Key contacts
  • News about the employer
  • Company values
  • Mission and vision statements
  • The company’s products and services

With Jombone company profiles, candidates get to know it all. Taking it a step further, you can connect with these companies you’re researching and interact with their job postings!

2. Use the S.T.A.R. method

How you answer each question the interviewer proposes matters a great deal. Using the S.T.A.R. method can help you structure your answers in a way that shows the employer not only how you problem-solve, but how you perform with evidence to back it up. The S.T.A.R. method consists of:

  • S: Situation
  • T: Task
  • A: Action
  • R: Result

For example, your interviewer asks you about a situation you may have experienced conflict in and how you resolved it. Start with explaining the situation that occurred. What was the context? Why did the conflict arise? Then you’ll want to explain the task that was given to you that sparked the conflict. Then you can go ahead and dive into the action you took. What was your response? How did you navigate through this? What was your line of thought and strategy behind acting the way you did? 

Lastly, you’ll dive into the results of your action. How did this resolve the conflict? What was the outcome? Pro tip: if you can explain the results using a statistic or a measured result, the interviewer will be extra impressed confident in your response. 

This is a must, especially for those permanent positions. This brings us to our final point to cover in the last-minute tips for your interview.

3. Ask important questions

The interview process begins with an introduction period, then enters a question period, and ends with a Q&A. When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, never show up empty-handed. This is the perfect time to show them how interested you are in joining the team. Try asking questions like this:

  • What is the work environment like? 
  • What is the management style? 
  • How will my performance be measured? 
  • How would you describe the ideal candidate? 
  • Are you concerned about anything in my prior work experience and what can I elaborate more on?

For more examples on questions, you may want to ask, dive into this article by Alis Alberta: Questions to Ask in a Job Interview.

Using these three different last-minute tips for your next interview, you’ll be able to prepare on short notice and still impress your interviewer. Are you interested in finding interviews more efficiently? Here at Jombone, we focus on facilitating easy employment.


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