While humans are commercializing space flights and interplanetary missions, the staffing industry is still trying to build digital platforms which connect workers to their work. Jombone is approaching this gap by thinking outside of the box. In this digital staffing age, the time to revolutionize hiring and staffing is now.
As of 2020 there was 31,014 employers in the warehousing and distribution industry in Ontario. These employers face new challenges every day in their sector, many of which can be met with a simple fix. The target employee in this industry is a temporary worker, or contract based employees and solutions to manage your temporary workforce are available. Here at Jombone, we optimize the hiring and staffing process so your warehousing business can run effortlessly.
Introduced as the ultimate platform to connect with hourly wage workers in their communities, Jombone helps small to medium-sized businesses attract and network with pre-screened candidates while avoiding high acquisition and staffing costs.
Looking for a job can feel like an exhausting process, filled with tweaking resumes and filling out paperwork that you’re tired of completing! After all, you might even be applying to a job that doesn’t cater to your needs. Looking for employment has never been a smooth process, but it can be with a staffing platform.
Jombone is a staffing platform technology that connects businesses with local employment-ready candidates. Jombone’s mission is to transform the way businesses recruit, staff, and manage their hourly wage workforce by avoiding high markups and commissions paid to staffing agencies.