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Advantages of Jombone Profile Stories


Finding workers for your business just became even easier with Jombone’s latest feature release of Candidate Profile Stories. With this brand-new feature, your business can leverage the power of authentic human connection to hire more reliable candidates. 

Profile Stories

Using the Jombone platform, candidates can now upload short video clips of themselves to categories they can find on their digital profiles, like Work Experience, Certifications, Skills, and Education. As an employer, you can open each candidate profile and watch these short clips to hear more about candidates, saving you time by avoiding sifting through countless typed, outdated job documents. 

Quality & Confidence Guaranteed

Watch potential candidates talk about their capabilities and confirm their claims through video. Through this brand-new feature, you can enable hiring quality candidates. If an applicant claims to be great at communicating, you can verify this claim through their profile stories. Your business can now confirm the credibility and quality of each candidate before they walk into the interview room, saving you time and money. 

Candidates on paper are sometimes entirely different when they walk into the office. Eliminate inconsistencies and setbacks by leveraging the power of video to foster a new type of connection with your workforce.