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Simplifying the Job Search


Looking for a job can be exhausting, filled with tweaking resumes and filling out paperwork that you’re tired of completing! After all, you might even be applying for a job that doesn’t cater to your needs. Looking for employment has never been a smooth process, but it can be with a staffing platform.

Imagine this: You can apply for multiple jobs in one sitting and all that’s required is one click. With Jombone, this is a reality.

On the Jombone platform, you can create your candidate profile, upload a video cover letter, and surf for jobs all from the comfort of your own home. While looking for jobs you’re probably worried that your resume isn’t strong enough to get your foot in the door. 

With a video cover letter, you can let that personality shine through, adding an entirely new element to your application, all with Jombone’s staffing platform. 

At Jombone, our staffing platform technology designed to match you with local businesses will save you unnecessary travel, optimize your employment lifecycle and help you with efficient work assignment management. Not only does Jombone enhance your chances of being hired, it offers tools to keep your health and safety knowledge refreshed on our staffing platform.

Jombone offers a Learning & Training module that keeps you up to date with the latest news, health and safety tips and other relevant information resources catered to your career path. 

Now imagine this: You’ve secured a job through Jombone, but you can’t efficiently manage your schedule. Jombone is here to solve your problems and organize your work life. 

Downloadable on iOS and Android devices, you can log in and track your tasks, hours, shifts, schedules and work assignments all from your mobile device or computer.

Open up the Jombone staffing platform, filter jobs based on pay rate, location, and shift availability and become a world-class worker today.