Integration of Google Maps

Hiring Near Me: Jombone’s Map to Success

When applying for jobs, one of the three top motivators that appeal to a worker is the commute. Often, this part of the job goes overlooked when applying, but as a candidate, it’s important to note that this has a huge impact on overall job satisfaction. With a realistic commute to a workplace, you’re more likely to remain committed and motivated to assignment completion. 

The Journey to Job Satisfaction

A study completed in 2017 by the University of West England found that “every extra minute of commute time reduces job satisfaction, leisure time satisfaction, and mental health.” Quite plainly, a long or stressful commute creates a stressful layer to the work you carry out in a day. Nobody wants to wake up and dread the travel to work; we want to wake up and look forward to what the day has in store for us.

A 2019 study on Australian commuters found that people with longer commutes take more unplanned absences than those with short commutes. If you’re having a rough start to the morning, the last thing you want to do is rush around the house and battle traffic, only to show up late for work and deal with the hassle of not being on time. 

The world is evolving quickly, and there are small features that can be added to our devices that may seem irrelevant but save us a ton of time. Jombone is here to make not only the application process easier, but to map out all of the details for you so you can do everything from one place and consider all aspects of each job you’re applying for. 

How are we doing this?

Integrating Google Maps with Jombone

Jombone integrates Google Maps into the staffing platform so you can map out your route quickly, and easily. You can see the estimated commute time, the different routes you can take, a list of directions, or even change the path based on the vehicle you’re using to get there! 

This small integrated feature makes a huge difference. Something as simple as mapping out your route indirectly adds loads of satisfaction to the application process, and eventually your new job itself!