The Digital Staffing Age: Jombone’s Unique Solution

While humans are commercializing space flights and interplanetary missions, the staffing industry is still trying to build digital platforms which connect workers to their work. Jombone is approaching this gap by thinking outside of the box. In this digital staffing age, the time to revolutionize hiring and staffing is now. 

The Gap 

The current market landscape of over 60 temporary staffing platforms, 26 SaaS providers, and 267 B2B-focused talent platforms indicates very clearly that the industry is not heading in the right direction.

This situation is causing the staffing industry additional problems by producing massive amounts of information silos while trying to streamline processes and integrate thousands of disparate systems. At Jombone, we have recognized these problems and crafted a digital staffing solution that offers convenience and efficiency. 

While businesses are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to look at the challenges of the staffing industry beyond the lens of just technology and regional marketplace-based transactional business models. 

It’s time that we offer an innovative, universally acceptable, and scalable talent acquisition model while also keeping a close watch on the future workforce dynamics. 

Conquering the Digital Staffing Age

Jombone interconnects all components of the staffing industry’s workflow solutions such as payroll processing, schedule management, task management, time-sheet management, and more. Clubbing all workflow solutions into a single unified human capital solution, Jombone’s staffing solution makes it simple, convenient, and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes to manage and scale their workforce. 

Offered on pay-as-you-use and subscription models, Jombone’s mission is to liberalize industrial staffing and make it 5 times better at ⅕ of the cost. Are you interested in discovering how much Jombone can save you?