Staffing Trends in the E-Commerce Fulfillment Industry

E-commerce revenue has grown multi-fold over the last few years and retailers are determined to capture their fair share of the E-Commerce trade establishing a digital presence to safeguard and hopefully grow their market share.  Typically, this requires operations to adapt their supply chain facilitating a ‘just-in-time’ process, geared to smaller-sized, high-volume order fulfillment workflows.  Amazon has surpassed Walmart as the world’s largest retailer and eCommerce has resulted in about 75% of the overall retail growth globally. Propelled by digital technologies, retail sales have bounded back with an upward growth trajectory. 

With global retail giants disrupting several industries, the demand for fast and free shipping has affected every merchant’s margin – shipping is expensive and necessary.  E-commerce Merchants’ are now routinely offering free shipping to Consumers and Consumers love free shipping!   

As E-commerce matures and companies ‘sharpen their elbows’ to retain and grow their market share, profit margins will always be under constant pressure and in danger of gradual erosion.  

In strong growth industries, today’s proactive business leaders need to stay ahead of the curve on cost-effectiveness especially when dealing with ‘fickle’, oft-times unpredictable Consumer-based trade and commerce.  

Business leaders know that WAGES represent a large ‘bucket’ of weekly expenses that increase proportionately with a business’s growth.  Even with partial automation in light industrial distribution centre settings, ‘on-demand’ labour facilitates a multitude of mission-critical, KPI-driven activities and oh-so-important resulting metrics.    

Applying ‘Lean’ supply chain principles to vital tasks such as order fulfillment, order & inventory management and logistics are going to be the new challenges for companies to overcome in order to meet the needs of a digital consumer.  

The Jombone platform helps e-commerce fulfillment companies network with a local Workforce who are aligned and motivated to the completion of the labour assignment in an informed and voluntary process.   

 Jombone’s platform helps companies simplify hiring, applying advanced digital technologies to standardize staffing best practices and pass-on significant cost savings.

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