Agility + Resilience = Disruption

Start your engines and fasten your seat belts –  How we hire is about to dramatically change forever!

While every now and again there is a totally unique idea that enables innovators to establish a new market and make it their own, more often than not, the majority of the time Entrepreneurs will use their skills and expertise, by identifying a ‘niche’ within their industry to fine-tune their ‘solution’ and facilitate exciting innovation to advance an established industry. And whether it’s an upstart agitator looking to disrupt the market or an established firm battling off the new entrants, the only way to truly hold your own is to do it better than everyone else.

The competition will, of course, have an influence on pricing, but it should also help dictate the level of service offered to customers. 

Until recently, the word ‘disrupt’ would have conjured up a threatening feeling of unwelcome change.

Given the conventional sourcing, screening and hiring selection of ‘human capital’ (no matter the type of job) is a tedious, time and manually intensive-consuming process with no guarantees.  How is this flawed?

A cross-section of the many factors that explain why this is flawed:

  • Job Postings are uploaded onto multiple job sites
  • Candidates apply using tailored, differing resumes to multiple jobs on multiple sites
  • Active Applicants register at multiple agencies with varying work history & unrecorded performance failures
  • Employers and agency Recruiters receive hundreds of Applicant responses to each job post
  • Roughly 90% of Applicants are not suitable for these positions
  • A manual review must be completed to filter down to the 10% possible matches
  • Manual outreach to pre-screen by phone and confirm interview times must be administered
  • 50% of short-listed Candidates may not complete the process due to job offers from their recent job search activities – leaving the Hiring Manager with 50% of the Candidates representing 5% at best to make a final selection after interview outcomes
  • The timeline for this process could take between 1 to 4 weeks -depending on the total number of positions and the other tasks a Recruiter must routinely perform

Criteria for Successful hiring in our workforces of the future:

Agility + Resilience = Disruption