Not Hearing Back From a Job Application

What To Do If You Don’t Hear Back From a Job Application

One of the most frustrating elements about the job hunt is the inevitably tiresome waiting game that follows. You spend ample time preparing multiple different applications, only to have to wait around for employers & recruiters to get back to you.

It’s even more frustrating when you get an interview and you’re left waiting, which is why we’ve outlined three different tips you can use for what to do if you don’t hear back from a job application. 

1. Prevent your application from falling through the cracks

If you’re applying on a job site and you’re relying solely on your resume and cover letter to get you noticed, make sure to give that job description a good read. Highlight some of the key traits and skills they’re asking for and insert the ones you match up with in your resume. With modern technology, AI is most likely the one sifting through your work documents, and AI is looking for specifics. 

Besides this, makes sure to set up email alerts so you can be notified when you receive any news. Whether this is an update on the job application status, or perhaps a response from the employer themselves, you won’t want to miss it. 

2. Send out a follow-up email

After a successful interview, make sure to send out a thank you email to your interviewer. A successful strategy is to aim to keep your name high up in their inbox. This doesn’t mean flooding their email account, but don’t be afraid to show them that you’re eager to secure the job. Every 2-3 business days don’t shy away from sending up a follow-up message to check on the process and perhaps mention something relevant to the job. 

3. Keep up the momentum

Even though it can be discouraging to not hear back from a job application, the road ahead holds more opportunities for you. Try setting a daily goal for a minimum number of jobs you plan to apply to. By keeping up the momentum and continuously applying, you increase your chances of hearing back from an employer. 

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