How To Avoid Tweaking Your Resume and Cover Letter

When commencing the job search, most of us dread the time-consuming resume and cover letter tweaking process. We’re checking job postings on the go from our mobile devices. Either we’re not at our desks ready to re-edit our entire resume, or we’re exhausted from the thought of it entirely. 

After tweaking your employment documents countless times, it’s extra disappointing when we don’t hear back from potential employers. Expressing passion in your job application and ensuring you stand-out is crucial and we have a controversial, innovative solution. Ditch those documents altogether.  

Let’s cover three different ways Jombone can help you boycott the time-consuming process of job document tweaking. 

1. Ditch the resume for a digital profile

Instead of re-opening those resume and cover letter documents and rearranging it to match each job application, consider the convenience of a digital profile. On our digital staffing platform, you have the ability to sign-up for free, build out your profile once, and start mass-applying to jobs. You can fill up your digital profile with everything your potential employer may need. 

This completely eliminates that tedious tweaking process and replaces it with a new and efficient way of finding work. You can focus on your own needs and preferences and update them in real time on your digital profile, making them readily available for all employers to view. The great news is, you can do this all from your mobile device with our downloadable apps!

2. Leverage the power of video

I think we all send off our resumes and cover letters hoping that our potential comes across strong enough in two paper documents. The harsh reality that someone might make a final decision based on what we have to say in our work documents without having the chance to actually meet us face-to-face is nerve-wracking. What if there was a way to give them a sneak peak of the person behind the application? 

With Jombone, there is. You can replace your resume with a video-introduction. Placing a 30-second short video on your digital profile could make that extra bit of difference your profile needs. After all, nothing shows off confidence better than a video that exudes it. 

3. Manage the process conveniently 

Part of the hassle of tweaking resumes and cover letters is keeping track of all the different sites you’re applying on and versions of documents you’ve now hoarded onto your desktop. With Jombone, you can manage your entire job search from your desktop or mobile device. Manage your offers, applications, like and save jobs for later, and apply to multiple in just a few simple clicks. 

Say goodbye to the days of constant resume tweaking and start applying to jobs with a simple click today. Click the button below to sign-up as a candidate for free so you can start ditching your resume all together.