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How To Find Your Next Job Intelligently

Find Your Next Job Intelligently

Job hunting can be a challenge for even the most seasoned job seekers. Whether looking for a new job or just an upgrade to their current job, the job search process can be an intimidating, stressful endeavor.

We update our resume, polish up our LinkedIn profile, scan job openings on various websites, fill out job applications, and hope this effort leads to the best job possible at a great place to work. It is an imprecise, quantity-over-quality approach to finding a dream job. 

Navigating through multiple online job boards, searching company websites, and sifting through countless job descriptions isn’t an efficient way to go about finding new opportunities. And this inefficiency can lead to job search burnout.

Once we get burnt out from searching for work, we often compound the problem by indiscriminately applying for jobs that don’t align with our skills or lifestyle in the hope one of them will help us land that coveted new position. This disorganized approach to the job market usually does not yield any jobs at all, let alone jobs that a good fit for the job seeker.

There is a better approach to career transitions, however. Using an online platform such as Jombone can leverage an organized, modern-day approach to finding job opportunities. Online staffing platforms offer intelligent job searching and matching, leverage more engaging digital profiles than standard resumes, and manage the process from a single hub to maximize efficiency.

The Benefits of the Intelligent Job Search

1. Intelligent Search & Matching 

To conduct a new job search intelligently, one should ensure they are only targeting new roles that align with their own specific needs. 

On the Jombone platform, job seekers can assess their career options based on pay rates, locations, shift availability, and job type. Using AI machine learning, Jombone’s system adapts to the individual needs of people and shows only the most relevant, promising opportunities. Job seekers have total control over the process, making the job hunt more accurate and meaningful. 

2. Leverage Digital Profiles

Instead of the classic resume approach, an online platform like Jombone takes an innovative approach to the job hunt process by replacing these documents with video introductions. Instead of applying to each job with a tailored resume based on the job title one is pursuing, one populates a single digital profile eliminating the time-consuming process of tweaking your application every time. 

3. Manage Everything from One Place

Traditional job searches involve spreading your efforts across multiple job searches and company websites. Monitoring all of these sources of information, meeting the requirements of each, receiving job alerts from them all, and keeping it all straight in one’s head becomes a full-time job.

An intelligent approach using a platform like Jombone clears up the clutter and focuses one’s effort on a single dashboard. Instead of logging into multiple job sites to find opportunities, you can log in once, press a few buttons, and finish the job hunt process in half the time it takes you anywhere else.

Furthermore, the Jombone mobile app (available on iOS and Android) syncs with one’s desktop to keep your job information readily available from wherever you may be. One can find jobs, apply for new opportunities, and manage offers, shifts, and pay from a mobile device.

Working Smart

The most important thing for any job seeker is finding a great job. We all want our career path to lead us to the best job position for our experience, needs, and preferences, whether an improvement over our current role or an exciting opportunity with a different company.

In the job market, working smart means working in the best job for you. In the job search context, it means using an online staffing platform like Jombone to focus efforts, put your best foot forward, and selectively access the best job opportunities available.

Working smart does not mean working hard. Let an online platform be your career coach to make the job search easy and find your dream job today.