How To Find Your Next Job Intelligently

When commencing the job search, finding jobs that are relevant to you can take up your motivation and time. Navigating through multiple dashboards and sifting through countless of job descriptions isn’t an efficient way to go about it. Not to mention the burnout you experience, which might result in mass applying for jobs that don’t even match your lifestyle. 

On the Jombone platform you can tailor your dashboard to provide you with jobs that match your preferences and skills. Let’s dive into three different ways you can ensure you find your next job intelligently.

1. Intelligent Search & Matching 

On the Jombone platform you can update your preferences based on pay rates, locations, shift availability and job type. Using AI-machine learning, our system adapts to your needs and shows you the most relevant opportunities. You have total control over the process, making the job hunt a more accurate and meaningful. 

2. Leverage Digital Profiles

Instead of the classic resume approach, Jombone takes an innovative stab at the job hunt process by replacing these documents with video introductions. Instead of applying to each job with a tailored resume, populate your digital profile and eliminate the time-consuming process of having to tweak your application every time. 

Apply easily, but make sure to stand out. Read our blog to find out how: 3 Ways To Make Your Job Application Stand Out

If you’re a busy body, you probably don’t have a ton of time to be tailoring your resume. If you’re a student, you’re most likely tired of the job search and the tedious process it can turn into. This is why we’ve made it as easy as it can be.

3. Manage everything from one place

Downloadable on Android and iOS, our mobile app syncs with your desktop to keep all of your job information readily available from wherever you may be. Are you catching a bus to class? You can find jobs, apply, and manage your offers, shifts, and pay all from your mobile device. Applying has never been easier and so straightforward. 

Instead of logging into multiple different job sites to find opportunities, you can log in once, press a few buttons, and finish the job hunt process in half the time that it would take you anywhere else. Are you looking to transform the way you find and manage your work life? Click the button below to sign-up as a candidate today!