What makes Jombone unique for your business?

Through the use of advanced technology and social networking, Jombone aims to empower businesses to take control of their recruitment and staffing processes.

To stimulate strong economic growth, we aim to make hiring & staffing as simple and cost-effective as possible. As a community-based recruitment platform, Jombone makes finding the right candidates fast, easy, and effective for employers and enables employees to find jobs that match their interests and skills.

Let’s take a look at what makes Jombone unique and efficient: 

1. Workforce Solution

The staffing industry relies on contrasting Human Resources Management Systems to manage, engage, and retain its employees, which offers Jombone a unique opportunity for a seamless, unified data transfer between various interconnected systems. 

2. Payroll Automation

Employee payroll payments are disbursed by third-party intermediaries within the Staffing Solutions ecosystem. It takes several days for the workers to receive their payroll. An integrated FinTech payments solution presents an opportunity for Jombone to disburse payments to all workers. 

3. Plan & Track Budgets

The use of third-party or standalone Contractor Payroll solutions can be costly in terms of process overhead, exception handling, and accounting & financial reporting. Creating a seamless payroll system integration solution is possible with Jombone. 

4. Intelligent Search & Matching

Talent acquisition technologies currently make use of outdated solutions like data parsing, keyword matching, search, and non-contextual email, text, and chatbots. With the advent of modern and futuristic technologies like Blockchain, AI-Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Progressive Web Apps, Jombone offers a tremendous opportunity for businesses to tap, engage, personalize, and manage talent. 

5. Cost Efficiency

Staffing firms rely on commissions and markups to fund their overheads. Jombone focuses on minimizing high talent acquisition costs to make business processes lean and efficient. Optimizes turnover and costs by leveraging technology and social media.  

Are you looking to automate your recruitment and staffing processes? Jombone, your staffing partner in the cloud is here to help! 


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