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Jombone mobile apps for workers

Jombone is a digital self-serve jobs management platform for people in search of work. The platform enables you to build and manage your hiring profile once so that you don’t have to upload and share your resume every time you apply for a job.

How to hire the best talent first?

With unemployment been at a historically low rate and increase in minimum wages, companies are finding it extremely difficult to hire the right talent at the right time

No Show, No Call, No Problem!

No Show, No Call is at the top of the list of ‘paint-points’ faced by Companies that hire temporary staff from agency resources. It is a situation that happens, when ‘Confirmed Workers’ do not arrive for their job shifts. This can cause costly delays in the company’s operations.

Why are there so many Staffing Agencies – What the heck!

Busy Hiring Managers in all size of organizations are bombarded with Temp Agency “Drop off Folders” and receive (daily) dozens of ‘hounding’ phone calls – mostly turning into voicemails that never get played by the Decision Maker.

Hiring Contributors, Not just Workers!

Fortunately, challenges faced by job seekers with minimal skills are not necessarily complex nor should they be insurmountable. Yet, many employers seem to stop dead-in-their-tracks at this one: ‘no Canadian work experience’

Staffing trends in E-Commerce fulfillment industry

E-commerce revenue has grown multi-fold over the last few years and retailers are determined to capture their fair share of the E-Commerce trade establishing a digital presence to safeguard and hopefully grow their market share.