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Staffing Agencies vs. Staffing Platforms

When it comes to staffing, there are many ways your business can go about it. Traditional staffing agencies can help you find candidates, but can they help you find the right ones efficiently? Finding the right fit for your business is essential. Today we’re covering four ways a staffing platform trumps a staffing agency, and how you can benefit from digitalization.

How Staffing Services Solve Your Holiday Demand

It’s a known fact that consumers are buying more during the Holiday months. By the time December rolls around, malls are full, and online orders are skyrocketing. On the business end of things, this can be a difficult season to manage. Your business needs helping hands right away, which is where national staffing services like Jombone can come in and save the day.

Last Minute Tips for Your Job Interview

Your nerves might be on edge before your job interview. Whether it came up sooner than expected, or you’re worried about making a lasting impression, crushing the interview process can be stressful. Whether your interview is in person or through a screen, there are things you should be actively doing to ensure your success. Today, we’re going over last-minute tips for job interviews that will guarantee a strong first impression.

Hiring Local to Ensure Productivity

When hiring for your business, there are hidden gems around you locally that are ready to propel your operations forward. Hiring locally can accelerate your business forward for a number of reasons. Today, we’re going over three benefits of community recruitment and hiring a local workforce.

2 Game Changing Advantages of Hiring Temporary Workers | Alberta

Temporary workers can be game changing employees for your company. They offer many benefits that are available to be leveraged if you have right tools to leverage your staff. With Jombone, you can hire, manage, and scale-up your workforce for success, and we’re now available in Alberta! With that in mind, let’s cover two advantages of hiring temporary workers.

Hiring Near Me: How Jombone Maps Out Your Route for Satisfaction

When applying for jobs, one of the three top motivators that appeal to a worker is the commute. Often, this part of the job goes overlooked when applying, but as a candidate it’s important to note that this has a huge impact on overall job satisfaction. With a realistic commute to a workplace, you’re more likely to remain committed and motivated to assignment completion.

Warehousing & Distribution: Jombone’s Ultimate Staffing Solution

As of 2020, there were 31,014 employers in the warehousing and distribution industry in Ontario alone & the number increases considering the entire Canada. These employers face new challenges every now & then, and a temporary workforce may be the solution to many of these problems, but how can you manage these contract-based employees to yield maximum productivity?

4 Traits Employers Look For in Potential Candidates

Past employment, skills and abilities, and experience all play important roles in landing you a job, but the version of yourself you present to an employer is often the most important. If two people walk into the interview room and have the same skills, the one with the most charisma and integrity will get that job. On a team or on your own, there are certain traits employers look for when deciding who to hire.

How To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult. Between a household full of family, or being a student with a demanding schedule, you need the tools to still enjoy your free time. A staffing platform can help you do just that!

3 Ways Hiring Temporary Workers Accelerates Productivity and Revenue

Today, most industries have experienced some form of trouble in the face of the pandemic. Moreover, it’s economically shown that in the face of hardship, the growth of temporary jobs generally outpaces those of permanent or full-time positions. Hiring temporary workers can significantly stabilize your business in tough times.

Post-Pandemic Recovery | Digital Staffing

The economy is on the path to recovery, and businesses need to adopt digital methods to stay ahead of the curve. Here at Jombone, we provide a cost-efficient digital staffing platform that digitalizes the staffing process.

Prepare Yourself for the 2021 Summer Job Hunt

With restrictions lifting soon there’s an incoming influx of jobs. The 2021 summer job hunt is coming in hot, and you need to stay prepared so you can storm the job market! There are multiple things you can do to get yourself job-ready, and we’ve got you covered.

Should We Be Using Staffing Platforms?

The world is getting smaller every day and with everything located in your phone, it sometimes feels like you’re too connected. We have a pandemic to thank for that, and we also have a changing business market ahead of us. So the question of the day arises: Should we be using staffing platforms? #Jombone #StaffingTechnology #DigitalStaffing

Transforming Hourly Wage Hiring

Introduced as the ultimate platform to connect with hourly wage workers in their communities, Jombone helps small to medium-sized businesses attract and network with pre-screened candidates while avoiding high acquisition and staffing costs.

Jombone Launches Mobile App for Businesses

After the recent success of its consumer app; Jombone for candidates (J4C), Toronto-based startup Jombone, launched an app for its cloud-based staffing platform that allows businesses to manage their industrial staffing operations from the convenience of a mobile or an iPad.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward as a Worker

Putting your best foot forward as a worker requires a few things. From communication to punctuality, we’re talking about the traits employers like and dislike in their candidates. Are you interested in amping up your reputation as a worker?

CENGN-JOMBONE Innovation Highlight

Jombone leveraged CENGN's infrastructure to scale and load test its platform, verifying it could support the increased traffic. Jombone successfully identified baseline metrics & how to scale resources as user load increases.

What To Do If You Lose Your Job in the Pandemic

If you’ve found yourself short of a job during the pandemic, don’t fret. The side effects of the pandemic have taken a toll on all of us, but it’s important to stay calm in the face of hardship. Searching for a new job can feel like an exhausting process, but with Jombone’s staffing platform, you can find a new position that’s better suited for you.

4 Ways a Staffing Platform Can Accelerate Your Business Forward

Recruiting is an extremely lengthy process. Did you know that more than 58% of today’s job seekers are looking for jobs on their phones and mobile devices? Why aren’t businesses looking for employees the same way? Jombone’s staffing platform has the power to accelerate your business forward, and ramp up your workforce efficiently.

Workplace Safety During Covid-19

Whether you’ve been directly or indirectly affected, COVID-19 has touched all of our lives. Are you doing everything you can to keep the workplace safe? Looking for more tips on how to keep yourself and those around you safe?

Jombone transforms hourly wage hiring

Introduced as the ultimate platform to connect with hourly wage workers in their communities, Jombone helps small to medium-sized businesses attract and network with pre-screened candidates while avoiding high acquisition and staffing costs.

Simplifying the Job Search | How Jombone Breaks Down the Job Hunt

Imagine this: You can apply for multiple jobs in one sitting, and all that’s required is one click. With Jombone, this is a reality. Looking for a job can feel like an exhausting process filled with tweaking resumes and cover letters you’re tired of editing! With Jombone, employment has never been so smooth.

Jombone Staffing Platform | What's in it for job seekers?

Jombone connects local businesses with communities of employment-ready candidates. Just sign-up using our Android & iOS mobile apps and start building your digital profile. Set preferences like commute, pay rate, shifts and, location. It's fast, easy & convenient!!

How is Jombone different from staffing agencies?

Jombone is a staffing platform technology that connects businesses with local employment-ready candidates. Jombone’s mission is to transform the way how businesses recruit, staff, and manage their hourly wage workforce by avoiding high markups and commissions paid to staffing agencies. #jombone #staffingagency #staffing #recruitment #recruiting #recruiters #staffingplatform #hiring

Hiring Contributors, Not just Workers!

Fortunately, challenges faced by job seekers with minimal skills are not necessarily complex nor should they be insurmountable. Yet, many employers seem to stop dead-in-their-tracks at this one: ‘no Canadian work experience’

No Show, No Call, No Problem!

No Show, No Call is at the top of the list of ‘paint-points’ faced by Companies that hire temporary staff from agency resources. It is a situation that happens, when ‘Confirmed Workers’ do not arrive for their job shifts. This can cause costly delays in the company’s operations.

Jombone mobile apps for workers

Jombone is a digital self-serve jobs management platform for people in search of work. The platform enables you to build and manage your hiring profile once so that you don’t have to upload and share your resume every time you apply for a job.