How is Jombone Different from Staffing Agencies?

Jombone is a staffing platform technology that connects businesses with local employment-ready candidates. Jombone’s mission is to transform the way businesses recruit, staff, and manage their hourly wage workforce by avoiding high markups and commissions paid to staffing agencies.

The advent of technology, welcoming the era of digital transformation and the incessant pandemic situation has been constantly challenging how conventional staffing agencies operate.

Moreover, the obsolete standard operating procedures and approaches still being followed by the traditional staffing organizations leads businesses to question whether these long-established methodologies are sustainable or not.

Jombone provides more efficiency than staffing agencies

One of the most exciting capabilities of the Jombone platform is that it has eliminated the dependency on PDFs or paper-based resumes, in-person interviews, and long registration processes.

With a single click, candidates can get enrolled and have access to tailored training content, which empowers them with the required skills to get hired.

With Jombone, candidates can build their digital profiles and upload video cover letters. This results in saving a lot of unnecessary travel time for in-person meetings. Also, candidates can manage various job applications, offers, work assignments, and track weekly work hours.

Jombone’s Learning & Training module enables candidates to keep up to date with the latest news, health & safety tips, and other relevant information resources. Candidates do not have to wait to access important documents like pay stubs, their record of employment, etc.

Furthermore, the proactive 24/7 support provided by the Jombone Customer Success Team assures candidates that their concerns are addressed at the earliest.

Overall, Jombone is on a path to build a digital ecosystem that connects businesses with people looking for work. Are you interested in signing up? Click the button below to join our digital ecosystem today.

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