How To Hire the Best Talent First

With unemployment been at a historical low rate and increase in minimum wages, companies are finding it extremely difficult to hire the right talent at the right time. This in turn results in the work being suffered which eventually costs companies a lot of money and poor service level agreements to its customers. With increase in wages and the desire to minimize the bottom line costs, companies are left with no choice to work on lean processes, which in turn is creating increased work pressure on the current employees. The eventual impact is then seen on customer service and retention. In such a tightly constrained market of people who are actively looking for work and increase in costs, it becomes of paramount importance that companies find tools and methods which will lower their spend and yet able to fulfil its needs.

Hiring talent for your work-needs, present further challenges that includes whether an applicant has the required skills and experience to execute on the job. A lot of other intangible factors are also taken into consideration, for e.g. what is the applicant’s commute duration to and fro from work, what are the applicant’s short term and long-term goals, what best motivates one may not motivate another, their past employment records, reliability, punctuality and many others. Jombone technology platform addresses all of these challenges by enabling all his candidates to use GPS based mobile apps to ensure their profile is ready and acceptable for hiring, have been verified using ID and background reference checks. The candidates are coached by a hiring coach and trained for occupational health and safety.

Jombone technology also allows the Companies to use the same platform to make an outreach to the entire candidate pool in instantly. Based on candidate’s skills, previous work experiences, geographic locations, industries tagged, companies followed and availability preferences set, the Jombone platform facilitates automatic matching of job opportunities with the right people in real time using in-app mobile push notifications. Geo-location based preferences creates a community based ‘Network Effect’ within which the company is located increasing candidate’s reliability, punctuality and several other employee retention related factors.

Beyond helping the companies find the right talent at the right time, Jombone platform provides end-to-end automation in hiring workers and managing employment. Some of the noticeable features include built-in Time & Attendance system using facial recognition, Integrated timesheet approvals by authorized managers, Management Reporting and several others.At Jombone, we specialize in industrial and Office staffing for Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, e-Commerce fulfilment, 3PL & Logistics industries for Temporary and Temp-to-hire positions providing unparalleled costs savings using our ‘Next in Class” technology.