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8 Reasons Why Industrial Staffing Will Go Fully Digital


Many industries have transformed their operations through the application of digital technology, pivoting their business model with a more ‘self-serve’ empowered approach in delivering their value proposition and competitive edge of quantitative ROI to their Customers.

With so many emerging technologies, frameworks and mobile apps at our fingertips, industries that have not automated their operational ‘best practices’ will be challenged in leveraging their data management, consistent quality and ‘speed-of-service’ delivery.

FACT: Technology applications deliver enhanced services and speed-to-market.

Today, being agile and resilient necessitates automating your business data and responding quickly with quantified analytical results. In the industrial staffing industry, we work with vast quantities of information. Historically, this has posed a huge challenge for employment agencies to manage.

There used to be a saying in the staffing industry, “the Recruiter with the most Candidates, WINS”. That’s proven true over the last six or so decades! Superstar Recruiters who kept themselves phenomenally organized would have desk drawers filled with stacks of manually completed (paper) ‘Applications’ from Applicants who registered in person at their office. During a 10 to 15 minute ‘interview’ their resume information would be verified along with key skills, shift, pay, location details; would be compared to the open job orders and matched up through a manual process with a goal of placing the Candidate on an assignment.

During the last 35 years, technology systems have been developed to stem the flow of information and ‘house’ it in various separate systems consisting of job posting boards, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), HR information systems (HRIS) and on-line timesheets to track Time & Attendance for payroll processing at remote work locations.

With a global economy, the Internet rapidly ‘coming-of-age’ and world population explosion, it’s time to think big and has a ‘go-to’ repository of finalized profiles of ‘employment ready’ Candidates.

Here are the top 8 reasons why Industrial Staffing will go digital and embrace self-service:

  1. High markup-up fees and commission charged by staffing agencies
  2. Broken, silos of applicant tracking systems result in the stale outdated candidate information
  3. HR and Hiring Managers embracing digital methods of hiring, staffing and managing workforce
  4. No viable solution to facilitate just-in-time, contingent and volume hiring
  5. Strong growth in vertical market segments, like Logistics, e-Commerce Fulfilment, Warehousing, Retail & Services, Manufacturing and Construction pushing for lower spend to improve profit margins
  6. Increase in minimum hourly wages by government
  7. The onset of the millennial workforce, relying on mobility and social networking
  8. Increased consumer confidence in technology/SaaS solutions

Without fundamental improvements to a business model, it’s almost impossible to pivot your business with agility and resilience; adapting to, and championing a changing, the global marketplace is the place where we all aspire to be.

Where do you think we need to be – especially moving into a ‘post-COVID” world?

We’d love to hear from you …….. never stand still!