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3 Reasons 5G Makes Digital Technology a Game-Changer


As much as 2020 has been a time of unprecedented change, it has brought huge technological transformation that we’ve accepted far more readily in our new life circumstances. Today we’re going to cover 3 reasons 5G makes digital technology a game-changer. 

1. Speed

We’ve learned how tenacious and creative we can be in the face of adversity. As a society, we’ve come to understand just how reliant we are on high-speed communications. Typical households have multiple devices using wireless internet services. 

Speed matters more than ever working from home and has transformed services that we would have routinely done in-person to ‘contactless’ internet self-serve user experiences. 

A new collection of business ‘buzz’ words (i.e. agility, resilience, disruption) have erupted signifying new technology milestones – being agile, having resilient supply chains, and embracing disruptive new concepts are all by-products of digital technologies and increased productivity. Get ready for the ’next best thing’!

2. Power

The onset of ‘5G’ (fifth-generation wireless network) will be the most exciting game-changer yet. 5G offers the capacity to process enormous volumes of data at lightning speed.

Experts state that the ‘5G’ revolution will provide a much-needed underpinning of emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Self-Driving Vehicles, and ’TaaS’ (transportation as a service). 5G creates a digitized sharing economy spanning industrial productivity to new heights while enabling convenient ‘contactless’ accessibility.

How did we get here? Read by CENGN: Timeline From 1G to 5G: A Brief History on Cell Phones to learn more.

3. Productivity

The speed and power that 5G will bring will enable loads of tasks to be completed in half of the time they used to. By 2021, technology growth is predicted to multiply 18-fold. 

By 2023, technology growth is predicted to grow by another 60 times, generating 12+ trillion dollars in revenue and 22 million new jobs. This has also been referred to as the ’next-gen super-cycle’, caused by a sudden period of exponential growth.

By 2022, only 2 years away, 5G will connect 30 billion devices worldwide.

The definition of ‘Good Luck’ is: when preparedness meets opportunity.

Being ready to harness the opportunity potential of what 5G will do to your market, means you’ll want to have your technology platforms in excellent digital working order. Don’t be left scrambling to adapt outdated processes to the best tech tools we’ve ever had.That’s just called bad luck!

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