5 Signs It’s Time To Find a New Job

Do you stare at the clock during the day counting down the seconds until work is over? Is Monday haunting you? Work is where you spend majority of your time, so you should enjoy what you do. If browsing new positions is what you’re doing during the workday then it might be time for a change. Today, we’re covering five signs it’s time to quit your job and find a new one. 

1. Your life outside of work is being affected

Work is where you spend up to 40 hours per week. Everyone has a bad day here and there, but if you’re returning home from work everyday in a negative mindset then a change is due. Work life balance can be difficult and if you aren’t operating in a healthy work environment that balance might be completely missing.

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2. You’re bored with your work

If you’re feeling exhausted with the job description and your daily tasks, it might be a sign to start looking for a new position. Make sure to talk to your manager about diversifying your line of work and any other opportunities before leaving a position, but if there are only dead ends in the future, a change might be needed. Enjoying your work is essential, and as workers we need to be learning new things and growing as individuals in order to feel stimulated and enjoy our daily lives. If your job isn’t offering you enough excitement, then it might be time for a new job or lifestyle change. 

3. Your job doesn’t match your lifestyle

Every job has a different schedule, and if your job isn’t accommodating to your current lifestyle it might be time to find a new one. For instance, if you’re an active individual with a family at home then a night shift might not be very ideal for you. With the Jombone platform you can find work that matches your lifestyle by setting preferences on our platform before searching. Interested in learning more about our staffing platform’s capabilities? Click here.

4. You don’t feel valued

Every person needs to feel appreciated and valued at their workplace. This boosts morale and also drives the quality of your work forward. If you’re in a position that you don’t feel valued in, your quality of work will start to decrease and your passion pit will empty. Since we spend so much time at work during our lives, it is important we’re spending our time somewhere that is improving us and accelerating us forward. If your voice isn’t heard and your work isn’t praised, then it might be time to find a new position. 

5. A new opportunity has presented itself

Perhaps you aren’t overly dissatisfied with your position, but a new position has been offered to you by a recruiter. If a new opportunity has presented itself to you that offers more benefits, better management, and a better opportunity to grow within a company, it might be time to quit your current job. 

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