3 Ways To Make Your Job Application Stand Out

Applying for jobs online is intimidating when you know there will be multiple other applicants. Making sure your job application stand out amongst the rest can be a difficult task to conquer. Today we’re going over three ways to make your job application stand out, so you can weed your way through screening software and make a lasting impression. 

1. Be proactive

When sending in your application, the process isn’t completely out of your control just yet. Instead of sending it off and waiting for a response while your application sits with the rest in their system, take a proactive approach and seek out the hiring manager. 

Send a copy of your application and resume directly to the hiring manager via email with a short message outlining why you’ve sent it their way. If their information isn’t on the application, call the organization’s main number and ask for the hiring manager’s email address. 

Refer to this article by Idealist for a great example template for your email message: 3 Ways to Stand Out After Submitting Your Application

Besides being proactive and seeking out contacts to additionally send your application to, let’s cover another tactical strategy; keyword stuffing. 

2. Insert keywords into your application

When a company posts a job description, they’re giving you a written example of the exact candidate they’re looking for. Trying to match their needs is a smart strategy that will help you when it comes to sneaking past that screening software. 

If a company is looking out for a candidate that has strong verbal communication skills, make sure to put strong verbal communication skills in your resume or cover letter. By matching up your application with the desired qualities they’re looking for, your application will stand out. 

You can also try researching more about different programs that they might be using that you aren’t familiar with. This would be great to mention in an interview, or over an email if you’re following the first step and you plan on emailing the hiring manager directly. 

Lastly, make sure you’re highlighting the right outputs. 

3. Highlight accomplishments and results

Most of your competitors for the job will be highlighting their skills. Companies love to hear about the different skills you bring to the table, but they love to see how these skills solved problems in previous positions. Rather than discussing how strong your organization skills are, tell them how it increased productivity and by how much. Results-based is the best approach when it comes to the job hunt. 

Make sure to stay specific about your accomplishments and results by providing statistics or numbers when you can. A good rule of thumb is to have these numbers and examples ready to go before an interview. That way, if you’re asked about something in your job application, you’re ready to explain it with results, right away. That will have them talking about those organizational skills!

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