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2 Game Changing Advantages of Hiring Temporary Workers | Alberta

Temporary workers can be game changing employees for your company. They offer many benefits that are available to be leveraged if you have right tools to leverage your staff. With Jombone, you can hire, manage, and scale-up your workforce for success, and we’re now available in Alberta! With that in mind, let’s cover two advantages of hiring temporary workers. 

1. Scale up your workforce quickly and efficiently

Scaling your workforce is essential if you want to see growth within your company. Trying to scale up with permanent or full-time positions is the slowest route you can take. In times where you need flexibility and a quick scaling solution, a contingent workforce is your answer. 

By managing a flexible workforce that is there just when you need them, your company can finally see the growth in the time frame you need it in. They increase your productivity levels, while offering less hassle and less liabilities. Smooth sailing in business is rare, but with Jombone’s staffing platform and temporary workers, it is finally an attainable goal. 

2. They help complete short-term projects

Hiring managers see a natural influx in demand around the Holiday season. More than half the year is gone already, and the Holiday season is approaching quickly. Trying to scale your workforce on short notice when you need candidates with the right qualifications and integrity can seem nearly impossible. Jombone’s employment-ready, background-checked candidate pool offers you the solution in these times of need. 

The bonus of leveraging temporary workers is that they don’t need ample training time, and when you’re scaling up and hiring new hands, your current employees remain productive. These temporary workers offer the flexibility that the rest of your staff needs to keep on operating. There’s no need to put operations on hold. These temporary workers can come in, help you scale-up, with as little hassle as possible. 

Temporary workers are used to joining companies with little training time so they can dive in and get to work as soon as possible. This results in less onboarding time, saving cost for your company and nourishing your bottom line. 

Temporary Workers Alberta

Now available in Alberta, Jombone offers the ultimate solution for staffing and hiring. With a fully digital and automated system, Jombone offers maximized efficiency at a great price. Click the button below to get in touch with our Vice President of Sales in Alberta. We can’t wait to transform the way you work. 


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