Community Recruiter

/kuh-myoo-ni-tee/ /ri-kroo-ter/

A Jombone knowledge worker who assists businesses in hiring local workers from within their communities

Empower business with essential human support through Jombone

Ensuring a Successful Partnership for All Parties Involved

Become a Jombone Community Recruiter Today

Step 1

Apply to Become a Community Recruiter

Join our pilot program by filling out a simple form. Please note that we have limited spots available and participation is by invitation only.

Step 2

Complete Onboarding on the Jombone Platform

Once selected, you'll embark on a seamless onboarding process. You'll go through a checklist, receive training, and complete a quiz.

Step 3

Get Ready to build your career & Start Earning

After completing onboarding, you're all set to dive into exciting opportunities and start earning money right away.

Get Paid for What you work?

Community Recruitment
Hiring and Staffing

Why Become a Jombone Community Recruiter



Be your own boss, set your own schedule, and work on your terms.



Enjoy the freedom to choose the community, and the type of work you love.


Supplemental Income

Boost your earnings, achieve financial goals, and create a safety net.


Pursue Passions

Turn your skills and hobbies into rewarding opportunities.


Diverse Experience

Gain valuable exposure to recruitment and staffing, expanding your professional horizons.


Remote Work

Embrace the freedom to work from anywhere, be it home, a cafe, or a tropical paradise.

Build a successful Staffing Industry professional career with Jombone

Embark on an immersive experience with our Contingent Workforce training programs, serving businesses and clients as a skilled hiring and staffing professional.

Sign up today and begin your journey toward becoming a knowledgeable and sought-after expert in the industry.
Unlock the freedom and flexibility of knowledge work
Learn about the breakdown of markup costs charged by staffing suppliers across Canada
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