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Key Factors that Contribute to the Complexity of a Large Enterprise Business

Large Volume

Enterprises have a massive volume of products to distribute, which requires a high volume and highly skilled workforce to meet the increasing demand in a short period of time. With seasonal peaks and troughs the workforce needs to be scaled down.


The logistics of operating a large distribution center or fulfillment center can be incredibly complex. Temporary workers may need to be trained in specialized skills such as inventory management, order picking, and product tracking.


Large enterprises are subject to a range of regulatory employment and labor laws that must be adhered to. Compliance with these laws can be complex and require specialized knowledge, expertise and needs to be managed efficiently with business as usual.


Distribution and fulfillment centers can be dangerous places to work, with hazards, hazardous materials, and high levels of physical exertion. Temporary workers must be trained and equipped with the appropriate safety gear to ensure zero safety incidents.


High turnover rates are a challenge in the blue-collar staffing industry, and large enterprises may experience even higher rates due to the demanding nature of the work. As a result, there is a need for a continuous flow of new temporary workers to fill vacancies.

Specialized Skills

Large enterprises require temporary workers with specialized skills, such as operating automated machinery, driving forklifts, using different tools & equipment and working with complex systems like inventory management, shipping, receiving etc.

Performance Expectations

Large enterprises have high performance expectations for their workers, with tight deadlines and productivity targets to meet. Temporary workers must be able to meet these expectations, which can be challenging in a fast-paced environment.

Scheduling & Communication

Large volume enterprises need to ensure efficient, accurate and timely communication is shared with all parties involved, including employees, assigned workers, contractors and suppliers; so that business operations are not disrupted.

Solutions Designed to Meet the Requirements of All Stakeholders

Operations Managers
  • Need large volume of workers, often on short notice to meet the fluctuating demands of the business.
  • Need workers with specialized skills, such as automated machinery or complex inventory management systems.
  • Quickly onboard and train temporary workers to meet the needs of the operation.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant labor laws, regulations and health & safety requirements.
Human Resources
  • Ensure appropriate workforce classification as employees, assigned employees and independent contractors.
  • Provide workers with the appropriate safety training and required equipment to perform the job well.
  • Effectively manage a large volume of workers across multiple locations with accurate reporting.
  • Provide support for issues related to worker compensation, benefits, and other HR-related concerns.
Procurement Mangers
  • Ensures to provide competitive pricing for temporary staffing solutions with respect to the market.
  • Provide a high level of service and support to business operations and ensure budgets are aligned with market.
  • Manage and mitigate supplier risks by ensuring complementary insurance coverages are in place.
  • Provide a scalable procument solution that can meet the organization's evolving needs over time.
Finance Managers
  • Manage cost centre budgets, departmental allocations and tracking to ensure that costs are kept under control.
  • Looking for providers that demonstrate the value of cost savings, increased productivity, reduced risk and overall ROI.
  • Looking for providers that offer flexible billing options and payment terms that align with the organization's cash-flow needs.
  • Looking for providers that offer transparent pricing and reporting to ensure that costs are clear and understandable.
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