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Tailored staffing solutions powered by our employment-ready workers pool and proprietary staffing platform.

By leveraging our employment-ready workforce, say goodbye to recruitment and screening overheads

Digital Verified Profiles, Actionable Intelligence for Quality Hiring

Reference Checks
Skills & Licenses
Health & Safety Training
Work Status
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Our Unique Staffing Approach

Combining People, Processes and Technology


Using a unique community recruitment method, Jombone enables employment-ready candidates to find the right jobs conveniently.


Our staffing solution ensures process compliance across screening, placement, workforce management, payroll and health & safety.


Jombone web and mobile apps are powered by enterprise class human capital technology enables you to have full control over your workforce needs.

Getting You Ready for the Future


Human Capital Cloud

Jombone’s end-to-end staffing solution leverages advance cloud technologies and AI to give you meaningful, actionable intelligence on your workforce. By aggregating real-time data, we can predict worker attributes such as suitability, quality, punctuality, reliability, the likelihood of turnover, no-show counts, and other factors.


Social Networking

Jombone’s hyper-growth talent acquisition model leverages the power of social networking and community recruitment to understand extrinsic and intrinsic worker motivations and build an on-demand resource pool of temporary, permanent, seasonal, and contingent workers dedicated to your business.


AI Powered Shifts Scheduling and Roster

Jombone’s robust, AI-powered scheduling and roster tools give you real-time visibility into workforce availability, create ready-to-publish shift schedules to let you effortlessly manage your large-volume workforce, and factor in the shift availabilities and time preferences of workers to increase job satisfaction and minimize turnover.


Advanced Security

Jombone’s quantum ledger technology leverages the power of blockchain to secure the sanctity of sensitive HR, employment, payroll, and PII data, while our role-based access control provides secure on-demand access to historical data, operational reports, budgets, and spending reports allow informed, real-time decision-making.


Revolutionizing the Staffing Industry

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