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Jombone intelligently aggregates candidate profile data to find the
most suitable candidate.

The Fastest Way to Fill all Open Job Positions

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Video Intros & Profile Stories

Connect With Candidates Using Short Videos

Seeing is believing. Before you make your final decision, you can review profile stories and video resumes recorded by candidates using the Jombone mobile app.

Get to Know Candidates With Video Intros

Create shortlists and screen candidates for the right job fit based on your needs.
Learn the motivations, preferences, and prior work history of candidates.
Make faster, better-informed and confident hiring decisions.

Criminal Background & Identity Verification

Make An Informed Decision Before Hiring

Fast and comprehensive Criminal Background checks build a high quality, employment-ready team and avoids hiring delays.

Reliable Background Checks and Identity Verification

Identity Verification Using OneID

Ensure applicants are who they say they are, have them digitally upload their ID and a camera selfie through a secure, encrypted link.

Comprehensive & Accurate Checks

Get detailed, national criminal record checks for US & Canadian workers search of RCMP, CPIC, and SOQUIJ (Quebec) databases.

Workplace Health & Safety

Strong Health & Safety Practices For A Strong Workplace.

Conveniently provide candidates with essential safety training and prevent the hazards that cause injuries and physical and mental illness in the workplace.

On-Demand Health & Safety Training

Reduces the risk of workplace injuries.

Enhances productivity in the workplace.


Boosts workforce service quality and morale.


Improves compliance and risk management.

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