Plan & Track Hiring Budgets

Stay In Control Of Your Staffing Spend

Create and set up budgets based on cost centers and locations then track your staffing spend in real-time.

Cost Center Allocation

  • Configure cost centers by location, department, or any name you provide.
  • Configure monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual budgets.
  • Configure access control by granting access to specific teams.
  • Tag job orders to cost centers while hiring & staffing.

Operational & Financial Reporting

Actionable Data for Decision Making

Get accurate, real-time insights and analytics into your staffing situation and easily generate on-demand operations reports and financial statements.

Really Powerful Reports

  • On-demand reporting makes faster, better business decisions.
  • Flex your workforce demands with confidence and accuracy.
  • Get actionable intelligence on your operations, not just numbers.
  • Use data to identify the root cause of employee turnover issues.

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