Shift Scheduling & Management

AI Powered automatic shift scheduling

Working with multiple staffing agencies, coordinating schedules, preparing work rosters and communicating using emails takes too much time!


Shift Scheduling

  • Automatically creates staffing schedules of workers
  • Check workforce availability in real-time while planning next shift
  • Post weekly shift schedules with ease and convenience
  • Instantly notify candidates and receive shifts confirmations

Predict Shift schedule success using Jombone AI

  • Paint schedules and availability of all candidates in your network pool on a calendar
  • AI automatically predicts and suggests you most suitable candidates for your shift
  • Prepare and execute backup plans conveniently when candidates fall off
  • Shortlist new applicants for your just-in-time hiring needs

Shift Alerts, Notifications and Reminders

  • Automatic in-app and email notifications to scheduled candidates
  • Automatic text notifications ensure information delivery on time
  • Get notified for last-minute cancellation alerts immediately
  • Schedule and keep backup staff ready for contingencies


  • Fixed low monthly cost for all your needs
  • Try all our premium features risk-free
  • Cancel any time, no reason required