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Instantly notifies relevant workforce based on skills, commute, past experiences and preferences


Post a new job or shift in less than 60 seconds

  • Use smart tools to draft new job order templates
  • Job shift orders are intelligently broadcasted to relevant candidates
  • Candidates using Jombone apps receive in-app and email alerts
  • Invite participating users to collaborate on filling open positions
  • Upload supporting documents for quality job postings

Industry standard templates to post new jobs and shifts

  • Clone from an existing job order to quickly post a new one
  • Customize job templates or build a new one from scratch with smart wizard based job drafting
  • Add multiple shifts, cost-centres, required skills and other motivators to job orders
  • Collaborate by inviting your team to participate in the hiring and staffing process
  • Authorize hiring managers and supervisors to set them as decision makers and timesheet approvers
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