Plan and Track Budgets

Organize and track your staffing budgets

Have real-time snapshot of your quarterly and annual budgets
Track and forecast your staffing spend easily

Cost Centre Allocation

Cost Centre Allocation

  • Configure your cost centres based on organizational structures. For example, by location, department or any logical name
  • Configure monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and/or annual budgets to cost centres
  • Configure security and access control to cost centres by granting access to participating teams
  • Tag job orders to cost centres while hiring & staffing


  • Fixed low monthly cost for all your needs
  • Try all our premium features risk-free
  • Cancel any time, no reason required

Benefits - Tracking budgets by cost centres

  • Have real-time snapshot of actual spend against quarterly & annual budgets
  • Have insight into your cost centre's staffing operations trends
  • Run reports by cost centres against budgets for management reporting
  • Make accurate and faster business decisions in supporting your operations