Reference & Background Checks

Make an informed decision before you hire

Have instant on-demand access to employment verification and reference checks about applicants

  • Employment
  • Past Job Duties
  • Skills Verification
  • Education
  • Work Status
  • Identity
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Ensures detailed reference and employment verification

  • Access to employment and skills verification helps hire with confidence
  • Skills and past job duties' confirmations help find suitable match for your hiring needs
  • Detailed reference checks provide insights into candidate soft skills, strengths and improvement areas
  • Instant on-demand reference checks help make faster more reliable hiring decision
  • Employments managed through Jombone automatically get added to the candidate's profile

Order background check with the click of a button

self check

Candidates can pre-order self-background check to help companies make a hiring decisions quickly

Digital check

Companies can order background checks on candidates; requires candidate consent