Why You Should Sign Up

Why Should You Sign Up on Jombone?

2022 is the year of levelling up. Are you still looking for jobs on exhausted job portals? Finding jobs that match your needs is a difficult task when you’re swimming through a pool of hundreds of jobs. On the Jombone platform, we offer a brand new job hunt experience by personalizing the journey. Set your preferences, find jobs near you, and manage your work life past hire too! Interested in the capabilities of our platform? Let’s dive into the different features.

Intelligent Search & Matching

On Jombone’s digital staffing platform, you can search for jobs that intelligently match themselves to your needs. Simply set up you digital candidate profile, and input your preferences that include: preferred shift times, location, job type and pay-rate. Our pool of jobs will automatically tailor itself to offer you exactly what you’re looking for. It’s time to stop scrolling through generalized job boards. A customized, technologically advanced solution is here.

Easy-To-Use Digital Profiles

One of the most exhausting parts about the job search is having to tweak resumes and cover letters over and over again. On the Jombone platform, you can set up your digital profile to avoid tweaking your job documents every time you apply to a new position. Simply populate your work history, education, skills, and you’re done! In our desktop and mobile apps you can use your digital profile to apply to every job you see, making mass-applying efficient and effortless.

Easy Time Management

Past the job search you can use the Jombone platform to efficiently manage your time at your secured job. With facial-recognition timesheets, you can update your breaks and work hours directly from your mobile device. Send timesheets to your supervisor, and communicate directly through the app about any changes you might need to make.

With an efficient way to input your time you can revolutionize the way you work at your next job. Additionally, you can enter tasks and reminders in the app to keep track of things you might need to remember on the job. Managers can also communicate and collaborate on tasks and reminders with you. With Jombone you can manage your individual workflows and your teamwork for a refreshed workplace experience.

Complete Training In-App

Instead of looking elsewhere for the necessary training you might need, you can complete Health & Safety Training directly on our platform. Health and safety is vital to the well-being of the workforce, and you can ensure you’re keeping your coworkers safe with our training modules. By using this feature you can indirectly reduce workplace injuries, boost workforce morale, and enhance productivity in your work zone.

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