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Warehousing & Distribution: Jombone’s Ultimate Staffing Solution

As of 2020, there were 31,014 employers in the warehousing and distribution industry in Ontario alone & the number increases when you look nationwide. These employers face new challenges every now & then, and a temporary workforce may be the solution to many of these problems, but how can you manage these contract-based employees to yield maximum productivity? 

With Jombone’s workforce management capabilities, warehousing and distribution companies can optimize their processes to operate effortlessly.

Let’s understand how Jombone can help businesses in the warehousing & distribution industry pivot to avoid the following pain points-

1. Difficulty Utilizing a Local Workforce

Businesses can flex their workforce with confidence & ease if they’ve got local candidates coming in. Jombone’s digital staffing platform is stocked with a pool of employment-ready, pre-screened, background-checked candidates that are located nearby. 

You can log onto the platform and switch your candidate search view to a map layout, pinpointing exactly where all your next potential employees are. Not only are they close by, but they’re pre-screened and ready for your company’s operations. By leveraging local candidates, you can eliminate punctuality issues.

2. Punctuality Issues – No More No Shows

A prominent issue in warehousing is the consistent no-calls & no-shows. This is most likely caused by the commute of the candidate. If they are farther away with a commute that seems like an obstacle to them, they might avoid coming to work. Jombone solves this problem with its integrated Google Maps Feature. 

When candidates are applying for a job, they can easily map out their route using the integrated Google Maps feature. They can change the route to match the vehicle of transportation they would like to use, allowing maximum flexibility to adjust to their needs. As an employer you can also get insights into the locations your workforce is coming from. This way you can have an inside look at how your workers are getting to work and how long that may take. 

By leveraging locally and having a strong grasp on the commute, you can eliminate the punctuality issues your business may be having. 

3. Fluctuating Workflows with Seasonal Demand

Warehousing & distribution businesses often have peak times when the seasonal demand is high. Around the holiday season, for example, businesses usually ramp up their operations as more people begin ordering items. You need hands now, and you need qualified ones. Accessing workers to enable just-in-time hiring is an issue in this industry that Jombone has set out to fix. 

Since Jombone focuses on the blue-collar workforce that’s seeking temporary work, you have an immediate supply of candidates at your fingertips. These workers can be filtered for whatever preferences you may have. Our employment-ready candidate pools make sure that the onboarding training time is as minimum as required.

Start Staffing Smarter

The Jombone platform helps companies’ staff and hire in a smarter way. From leveraging local to computing the commute, Jombone offers you the ultimate staffing solution. Another plus? We do it for less. 


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