Revolutionizing Industrial Staffing

Harnessing AI and Analytics with an Integrated Digital Staffing Solution

Finding Skilled Workers: Challenges in 2024

The search for skilled workers is a pressing challenge faced by industrial facilities in 2024. The landscape of workforce recruitment and retention is evolving, presenting multifaceted hurdles for employers. Let's look into the key challenges impacting this crucial aspect of the manufacturing industry.

Stagnant Labour Pools

In today's industrial landscape, one of the foremost challenges faced by employers is the stagnation of local labor pools. The demand for skilled workers often surpasses the availability of qualified individuals, leading to a substantial talent gap. This discrepancy is further exacerbated by the rapid growth of gig work opportunities, which entice potential workers away from traditional employment models.
Additionally, the integration of automation in various industrial processes has transformed the nature of labor requirements, creating a mismatch between the skills possessed by the available workforce and those demanded by evolving job roles.

Furthermore, the demographic composition of the labor pool is undergoing significant shifts, presenting new challenges in aligning the available talent with the needs of industrial facilities. These factors collectively contribute to the stagnant nature of local labor pools, posing a significant hurdle for employers seeking to fill vital positions within their organizations.

Workforce Quality Challenge

The quality of the workforce has become a central concern for employers in the current market. The proliferation of gig work and the increasing demands of automated processes have redefined the skill sets required for industrial tasks. This shift has led to a disparity between the skills possessed by the available workforce and those demanded by modern industrial roles. Furthermore, demographic changes in the workforce, coupled with educational disparities, have contributed to the challenge of ensuring a high-quality talent pool.
Employers are now compelled to rethink their recruitment strategies and invest in training programs to bridge the gap between the available workforce and the skill demands of contemporary industrial processes. Moreover, the need to adapt to evolving workforce dynamics requires a proactive approach to talent acquisition and retention, necessitating a blend of traditional recruitment practices and innovative solutions to address the workforce quality challenge effectively.

High Turnover Rates

The industrial sector is grappling with persistently high turnover rates, driven by several factors that influence the decisions of employees to seek alternative employment opportunities. Competitive pay rates offered by rival employers often lure workers away, contributing to the turnover dilemma. Moreover, the preference for shorter commutes and an increased emphasis on work-life balance have emerged as significant determinants of employee retention.
The evolving priorities of the modern workforce, coupled with immigration patterns, further impact the stability of the labor force within industrial facilities. Employers are thus faced with the task of devising strategies that not only attract talent but also foster an environment conducive to long-term commitment from employees, mitigating the challenges posed by high turnover rates.

Candidate Engagement

Engaging potential candidates in a landscape characterized by instant gratification culture and pervasive social media immersion presents a formidable challenge for employers. Traditional recruitment methods, once effective in capturing the attention and commitment of prospective workers, now fall short in the face of evolving candidate expectations. As such, employers are confronted with the need to adopt innovative approaches to engagement, leveraging digital platforms and tailored communication strategies to resonate with the preferences of the modern workforce. Building a robust employer brand and crafting compelling narratives that align with the values and aspirations of potential candidates are pivotal in fostering sustained engagement and commitment. The ability to adapt to the evolving dynamics of candidate engagement is crucial for employers seeking to navigate the complexities of the contemporary industrial labor market.
The multifaceted challenges of stagnant labor pools, workforce quality, high turnover rates, and candidate engagement collectively underscore the intricate nature of finding and retaining skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. Employers must embrace adaptability and innovation to effectively address these challenges, laying the foundation for a cohesive and sustainable workforce strategy.

Multiple Staffing Vendors

Reliance on multiple staffing vendors poses several problems, including complexities, inefficiencies, and added costs such as administrative burdens and fragmented communication. While this approach aims to ensure a continuous candidate flow, it often results in challenges when it comes to managing them effectively. The process of managing numerous vendor relationships can strain resources and lead to a lack of accountability, making internal reporting processes very costly and inefficient.
Engaging multiple staffing vendors may seem like a strategy to diversify candidate sources and increase the chances of finding the right talent. However, this approach often falls short of expectations. Businesses may face difficulties in coordinating with multiple vendors, leading to fragmented communication and increased administrative burdens. This not only strains internal resources but also hampers the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

Reliance on multiple vendors poses several problems

Engaging multiple staffing vendors brings complexities, inefficiencies, and added costs like administrative burdens and fragmented communication. While this approach aims to ensure a continuous candidate flow, it often results in challenges to manage them. Managing numerous vendor relationships strains resources and lead to the lack of accountability, making internal reporting processes very costly and in-efficient.

Candidate Volume

Businesses expect a high volume of candidates by engaging multiple vendors, with the belief that it will ensure a diverse pool of qualified individuals to choose from. However, this expectation often proves insufficient as the vendors draw from the same local labor pool. This can result in a lack of effective strategies and quality recruiters, ultimately impacting the overall volume and quality of candidates being presented to the business.
Despite the initial intention of accessing a broader range of potential recruits, the reality is that businesses end up competing for the same talent available in the local job market. This can hinder the organization's ability to attract and retain the best-suited candidates, ultimately impacting their talent acquisition efforts.

Costs Benefit Value

Businesses invest significant time, involving various departments such as HR, Operations, and Procurement, in managing relationships with multiple staffing vendors. However, they may be unaware of the negative cost-benefit impact due to high conversion costs and markups associated with engaging multiple vendors.
Moreover, the administrative burdens and fragmented communication resulting from working with multiple vendors can lead to higher operational costs and reduced overall value obtained from the recruitment process. These challenges can often outweigh the perceived benefits of accessing a larger candidate pool. Therefore, businesses need to carefully evaluate the actual costs and benefits associated with engaging multiple staffing vendors.

Untrained Staff

One of the risks associated with relying on multiple staffing agencies is the potential employment of untrained recruiters who may lack the required experience and expertise. This can lead to wasted time, high turnover rates, and negative impacts on business operations. The lack of proper training and experience among recruiters can hinder the quality of candidates being presented to businesses, ultimately impacting the overall recruitment process.
Businesses depend on staffing agencies to provide them with qualified candidates who meet their specific requirements. However, the use of untrained staff by these agencies can result in a mismatch between the skills and qualifications of the candidates and the needs of the business. This, in turn, can lead to inefficiencies and increased turnover rates, ultimately affecting the productivity and stability of the organization.


Another issue that businesses may face when engaging multiple staffing agencies is the lack of transparency and regulatory compliance. This can result in negative experiences that impact brands and undermine trust with businesses. Without clear visibility into the recruitment process and the actions taken by the staffing agencies, businesses may find it challenging to build and maintain a strong and trustworthy relationship with these vendors.
Transparency plays a crucial role in fostering fruitful partnerships between businesses and staffing agencies. When transparency and regulatory compliance are lacking, it can lead to misunderstandings, disputes, and a deterioration of the relationship between the two parties. Consequently, businesses may face difficulties in achieving their recruitment goals and maintaining a positive brand image in the market.

Sketchy Practices

Engaging multiple staffing agencies can expose businesses to various risks, including incorrect worker classification, cash payments, and a lack of proper regulatory documentation. These practices can significantly increase business exposure and legal risk, leading to potential complications and liabilities. It's essential for businesses to be aware of the potential risks associated with the practices of the staffing agencies they engage with and take proactive measures to mitigate these risks.
To safeguard their operations and reputation, businesses should ensure that the staffing agencies they work with adhere to ethical and legal standards. This includes accurately classifying workers, maintaining transparent payment processes, and upholding proper regulatory documentation. By doing so, businesses can minimize the risks associated with engaging multiple staffing vendors and build stronger, more compliant partnerships.

Exceptions & Errors

Processing incorrect or missing payroll hours, as well as invoicing errors, can lead to costly exceptions that cause businesses to lose thousands of dollars. The time spent resolving these issues not only results in inconvenience but also affects the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization. Businesses rely on staffing agencies to accurately manage payroll and invoicing processes, minimizing the occurrence of errors and exceptions that can lead to financial losses and operational disruptions.
Inaccurate payroll hours and invoicing errors can have far-reaching implications for businesses, impacting their financial health and creating unnecessary administrative burdens. Addressing these issues requires time and resources that could have

JOMBONE - Digital Staffing

In today's dynamic workforce landscape, JOMBONE stands out as a leader in digital staffing solutions. By harnessing the power of AI and advanced analytics, JOMBONE has redefined the staffing experience. The integration of cutting-edge digital technologies has empowered JOMBONE to deliver a seamless and efficient staffing process that aligns with the evolving demands of the modern workforce. Through AI-driven insights and data-driven decision-making, Jombone optimizes the entire staffing journey, from talent acquisition to onboarding, ensuring a streamlined and agile approach. This commitment to digital innovation underscores Jombone position as a trailblazer in the staffing industry, setting new standards for excellence and efficiency.

What Makes Jombone Unique

The warehouse and light production industries are experiencing a significant transformation, prompting staffing agencies to adapt to the evolving landscape. Jombone has demonstrated a clear understanding of these industry shifts and has taken proactive measures to address the prevalent challenges in today's market.
Jombone's uniqueness lies in its ability to recognize and respond to the specific obstacles faced by the warehouse and light production sectors. These industries often encounter issues related to fluctuating demand, seasonal variations, skill gaps, and the crucial need for adaptable staffing solutions. Understanding these challenges has enabled Jombone to develop tailored staffing solutions that effectively cater to the unique demands of these industries.
In response to the changing market dynamics, Jombone has embraced technology and digital innovation to enhance its service offerings. By integrating advanced workforce management systems, real-time analytics, and digital platforms, Jombone delivers streamlined and efficient staffing solutions. These technological advancements empower agile responses to demand fluctuations, precise workforce planning, and data-driven insights that support informed decision-making for both Jombone and its client companies.
In addition, Jombone places a strong emphasis on skill development and training programs tailored specifically for the warehouse and light production industries. Recognizing the importance of specialized skills in these sectors, Jombone has invested in comprehensive training initiatives aimed at upskilling and reskilling workers. This approach not only addresses the industry's demand for specialized competencies but also contributes to the professional development and job satisfaction of the workforce.
Furthermore, Jombone's collaborative partnership approach with client companies underscores its uniqueness. Rather than simply providing staffing solutions, Jombone engages in consultative discussions with its clients to understand their unique needs, operational challenges, and long-term objectives. This collaborative approach enables Jombone to co-create customized staffing strategies that align with each client's specific requirements, fostering relationships built on trust, transparency, and shared goals.
Jombone's uniqueness is evident in its profound understanding of industry challenges, tailored staffing solutions, technology integration, emphasis on skill development, collaborative partnership approach, and its commitment to creating a safe and compliant work environment. By addressing the specific demands of the warehouse and light production sectors with innovation and adaptability, Jombone has positioned itself as a transformative force in the staffing industry, redefining the paradigm of service delivery and industry relevance.

Digital Transformation in Staffing

Revolutionizing the Employment Landscape

In 2024, digital transformation in staffing has become a crucial driver of success for firms aiming to streamline their hiring processes and optimize workforce management. The evolution of digital staffing solutions has redefined the way businesses attract, hire, and retain talent. Let's explore the multifaceted aspects of digitally transforming staffing operations and how it can revolutionize the employment landscape.

Digitally Transform Your Staffing Operations

The integration of digital technologies into staffing operations offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to employ a workforce that is both ready for employment and well-equipped with the necessary skills. By leveraging a revolutionary digital staffing platform, businesses can tap into a pool of pre-screened applicants, ensuring a seamless recruitment process. This not only simplifies the hiring journey but also enhances the overall quality of talent acquisition.

Local Talent, Effortless Hiring

One of the pivotal benefits of digital transformation in staffing is the ability to access local talent effortlessly. Through a built-in applicant tracking system and streamlined communication channels, businesses can interact seamlessly with pre-screened applicants, fostering a more efficient and transparent recruitment experience. Prioritizing local talent not only strengthens community engagement but also simplifies the hiring process, enabling businesses to meet their staffing needs more effectively.

Automated Work Assignments & Job Shifts

Digital transformation enables businesses to automate work assignments and job shifts, thereby facilitating hassle-free shift scheduling to ensure seamless operations. With the implementation of digital job offers and robust shift scheduling capabilities, businesses can optimize workforce management and enhance operational efficiency. This streamlines the process of assigning tasks and managing shifts, leading to improved productivity and reduced administrative burdens.

Compliance, On-Demand Payroll & Payments

The integration of digital technologies empowers businesses to ensure compliance, streamline payroll processes, and facilitate on-demand payments. By incorporating an integrated time clock, online timesheets, and comprehensive compliance checklists, businesses can uphold regulatory standards while offering on-demand payroll and payments. This not only simplifies the payroll process but also increases employee satisfaction by providing timely and convenient payment options.

Automatic Billing & Online Payments

Digital transformation in staffing introduces features such as cost centers, budgeting tools, simplified billing and invoicing, and digital payment options, offering businesses a seamless transaction experience. The integration of automatic billing and online payment facilities not only simplifies financial transactions but also enhances transparency and accountability, fostering a more efficient and trustworthy business environment.

Comprehensive Insights, Tailored Reports

By adopting digital staffing solutions, businesses gain access to comprehensive candidate insights and custom business reports, empowering them to make informed decisions. The ability to leverage candidate 360 insights and tailored reports enables businesses to gain deeper visibility into their workforce and recruitment processes, ultimately driving strategic decision-making and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Seamless Integrations, Enhanced Efficiency

Digital staffing solutions offer seamless integrations with payroll systems, synced emails, phone dialers, and AI-powered chat functionalities, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. The integration of these tools and platforms streamlines workflow processes, boosts productivity, and fosters a more collaborative and communicative work environment. This not only simplifies daily operations but also optimizes resource utilization and strengthens organizational efficiency.
The ongoing digital transformation in staffing presents a myriad of opportunities for businesses to revolutionize their employment landscape. By embracing digital staffing solutions, businesses can streamline recruitment processes, optimize workforce management, and foster a more efficient and transparent operational environment. The integration of digital technologies not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also empowers businesses to attract, hire, and retain top talent effectively, driving sustainable growth and success in the evolving employment landscape.

Take Control of Your Staffing, Digitally!

In the current era of digital transformation, Jombone introduces a revolutionary approach to staffing, empowering organizations to take full control of their workforce management through a seamless digital interface. Let's look into the core features and benefits of Jombone's digital staffing solution, designed to streamline hiring and staffing processes while ensuring compliance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Empower through Collaborative Self Service

Streamline Hiring and Staffing; End-To-End: Jombone's end-to-end staffing capabilities offer a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to streamline their hiring and staffing operations. By leveraging Jombone's digital platform, businesses can seamlessly request workers, review screened candidate profiles, and confirm work assignments and job shifts with ease. The digitization of the staffing workflow, coupled with expert assistance from Jombone's dedicated team, ensures a hassle-free and efficient process from requisition to fulfillment. This end-to-end approach not only accelerates the staffing lifecycle but also enhances the overall experience for both employers and workers.

Empower through Collaborative Self-Service

Jombone's collaborative self-service model empowers organizations to customize their staffing operations according to their unique requirements. By utilizing the platform, businesses can effortlessly set employment standards, define rules, conduct verifications, and ensure compliance with safety checklists. The centralized nature of the operations simplifies the management of diverse employment standards, fostering a culture of agility and adaptability within the organization. Moreover, the full audit control provided by Jombone guarantees compliant hiring practices, instilling confidence in the integrity and transparency of the staffing process.

Ensure Rule-Based Employment Compliance

The Jombone cloud offers real-time visibility for hiring managers, supervisors, and accounts teams, enabling them to access tailored reports, track budgets, monitor cost centers, and generate turnover reports with ease. This level of transparency and accessibility empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and proactively address any staffing-related challenges. Additionally, the rule-based employment compliance feature integrated within the platform ensures that organizations adhere to industry regulations and internal policies, mitigating potential risks and fortifying the foundation of ethical and responsible staffing practices.

Gain Total Visibility & Control

Centralizing and standardizing staffing processes is made effortless with Jombone's solution, allowing organizations to manage multi-location operations seamlessly on a single platform. This consolidation not only leads to substantial cost savings but also ensures consistency in staffing operations across diverse locations. By gaining comprehensive visibility and control over the staffing journey, organizations can proactively address operational inefficiencies, optimize resource utilization, and foster a harmonized approach to workforce management. The ability to monitor key performance metrics, such as time-to-fill and turnover rates, equips organizations with valuable insights to drive continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.
Jombone's digital staffing solution transcends traditional practices, offering a holistic approach to workforce management that prioritizes efficiency, compliance, and adaptability. By embracing the power of digitalization, organizations can revolutionize their staffing processes, elevate operational standards, and embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable success.

Quality Employment Ready Workforce

In the realm of warehouse and production facility management, the consistent adherence to service standards by workers is paramount. This entails maintaining high levels of attendance, professionalism, safety compliance, and meticulous attention to detail. Let's explore how Jombone's digital staffing solution is tailored to address these critical aspects and deliver a quality employment-ready workforce.

Less Training Time

Jombone's digital staffing and mobile technology revolutionize industrial worker training, significantly reducing the time and resources traditionally required for onboarding and skill development. By leveraging intuitive digital platforms, businesses can expedite the onboarding process, grant workers improved access to essential materials, enhance communication channels, and ultimately bolster operational efficiency. The tangible benefits translate into substantial cost savings and productivity gains for business clients, marking a significant step towards operational optimization and sustainable growth.

Less Turnover

Technology serves as a catalyst in mitigating turnover rates within the industrial workforce landscape. By enhancing and streamlining ongoing communication, training initiatives, and employee engagement, Jombone's digital staffing solution contributes to a notable reduction in turnover rates. The positive outcomes manifest in improved retention, cost efficiencies, and heightened productivity for business clients, fostering a stable and dedicated workforce that fuels sustained operational excellence.

Enhanced Efficiency

The optimization of productivity and efficiency lies at the core of Jombone's approach to industrial workforce hiring. Through streamlined processes and the provision of real-time data insights, businesses can achieve remarkable improvements in operational efficiency. This translates into reduced downtime, enhanced resource allocation, and elevated performance metrics, establishing a framework for sustained operational agility and competitiveness within the industry.

Better Engagement

Facilitating seamless communication, providing unfettered access to essential resources, and fostering a collaborative work environment are pivotal components of Jombone's strategy to enhance work engagement. By nurturing an environment that promotes active participation and collaboration, Jombone empowers business clients to cultivate a workforce that is deeply engaged and committed. The tangible benefits include heightened employee satisfaction, reduced turnover rates, and a marked uptick in overall productivity, laying the groundwork for sustainable business growth and success.
By prioritizing the development of a quality employment-ready workforce, Jombone's digital staffing solution emerges as a transformative force in the industrial landscape, reshaping traditional processes and elevating operational standards to new heights. Through a harmonious blend of technology, innovation, and human-centric strategies, Jombone empowers businesses to cultivate a workforce that embodies excellence, dedication, and unwavering commitment to operational success.

Complete Transparency

In the landscape of workforce management, complete transparency serves as the bedrock of operational certainty and efficiency. Jombone's commitment to transparency is unwavering, empowering businesses to bid farewell to unfilled shifts and operational guesswork. Let's look into the core tenets of Jombone's transparent approach and its pivotal role in elevating workforce planning and cost-effectiveness for our esteemed clients.

Know Who’s Placed & Coming To Work

With Jombone, businesses gain invaluable insight into the comprehensive employment profiles of the placements made through our platform. The ability to review complete information throughout the hiring cycle in a timely and on-demand manner grants businesses unparalleled visibility and control over their workforce management processes. This level of transparency forms the cornerstone of informed decision-making and strategic workforce planning, culminating in optimized operational efficiency and seamless workforce deployment.

Direct Send-ins, Know How Many

For businesses leveraging direct send-ins, Jombone provides a robust mechanism to track the number of workers arriving at work, complete with detailed profiles and contextual information. This feature ensures that businesses are never blindsided by unexpected workforce dynamics, fostering an environment of full transparency and proactive decision-making. By embracing this level of visibility, businesses can navigate workforce management with confidence, empowering them to orchestrate operations with precision and clarity.

Be Assured With Work Confirmations

For businesses leveraging direct send-ins, Jombone provides a robust mechanism to track the number of workers arriving at work, complete with detailed profiles and contextual information. This feature ensures that businesses are never blindsided by unexpected workforce dynamics, fostering an environment of full transparency and proactive decision-making. By embracing this level of visibility, businesses can navigate workforce management with confidence, empowering them to orchestrate operations with precision and clarity.

Be Assured With Work Confirmations

The assurance of confirmed workers showing up for work is a cornerstone of Jombone's commitment to operational reliability. In the rare event of no-shows, businesses receive early notifications and swift replacements are seamlessly confirmed, mitigating disruptions and preserving operational continuity. This proactive approach not only instills confidence in businesses but also underscores Jombone's dedication to ensuring a seamless and reliable workforce deployment experience, thereby fortifying operational resilience and success.

Full Markup Cost Breakdown

Jombone empowers businesses with access to a comprehensive breakdown of their workforce spend, allowing for insightful comparisons with budgetary allocations and ensuring steadfast adherence to financial objectives. Leveraging predictive AI capabilities, businesses can forecast their expenditure with precision, enabling proactive budgetary management and informed decision-making. This level of transparency and foresight equips businesses with the tools necessary to maintain financial prudence and bolster operational efficiency, laying the groundwork for sustained success and growth.
Embracing complete transparency through Jombone's innovative workforce management solutions transcends traditional paradigms, ushering in a new era of operational certainty, cost-effectiveness, and strategic foresight for businesses. By placing transparency at the forefront of workforce planning, Jombone empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their workforce, fostering an environment of informed decision-making, operational resilience, and unwavering confidence in their path to success.


In today's dynamic business environment, the ability to adapt, innovate, and remain open to change is paramount for sustained success. Jombone stands at the forefront of a staffing revolution, leveraging technology to provide businesses with customized solutions that cater to their unique requirements and empower them to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Flexible Staffing Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes

Jombone's commitment to flexibility is exemplified through its tailored staffing solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, regardless of their size or industry. By offering a comprehensive range of staffing options, Jombone ensures that businesses can seamlessly navigate workforce dynamics and align their staffing strategies with their operational objectives. This flexibility extends beyond mere convenience, empowering businesses to optimize their workforce management practices and fuel their growth in a competitive landscape.

Flexible Staffing Solutions for Businesses of all sizes

Convert workers from temp to perm at no additional cost

One of the key pillars of Jombone's flexible staffing approach is the seamless transition of temporary workers to permanent positions, without incurring any additional costs. This feature not only provides businesses with the freedom to assess and integrate temporary staff into their organizational culture but also eliminates the financial barriers often associated with converting temporary roles to permanent employment. This fosters an environment where businesses can strategically evaluate their workforce composition and make informed decisions to bolster their long-term staffing strategies.

Flex your workforce with confidence, ease, and business requirements

Jombone's emphasis on flexibility transcends conventional staffing norms, empowering businesses to wield their workforce with confidence, ease, and alignment to their specific operational demands. By embracing this level of adaptability, businesses are endowed with the agility to respond to fluctuating market demands, scale their workforce as needed, and orchestrate their staffing resources in a manner that mirrors their organizational objectives. This proactive and tailored approach not only mitigates operational constraints but also injects a sense of dynamism into businesses, propelling them towards sustained growth and success.

24x7 Support Fully Digital Staffing Solution for all operating shifts

Jombone's commitment to flexibility is epitomized by its provision of a fully digital staffing solution that operates around the clock, catering to businesses across all operating shifts. This unwavering support ensures that businesses can navigate their staffing requirements with confidence, irrespective of the time or day, fostering an environment of operational continuity and reliability. By offering a digital solution that transcends temporal constraints, Jombone enables businesses to embrace flexibility as a cornerstone of their operational strategies, positioning them for resilience and success in an increasingly interconnected and dynamic marketplace.

Flexible Staffing Solutions. Temp. Permanent. Temp-to-Perm.

The versatility of Jombone's staffing solutions is encapsulated in its comprehensive offerings, spanning temporary, permanent, and temp-to-perm staffing options. This breadth of choices crystallizes Jombone's dedication to providing businesses with the tools necessary to tailor their staffing strategies according to their unique needs and strategic objectives. By affording businesses the freedom to choose from a spectrum of staffing options, Jombone fosters an environment where adaptability, agility, and strategic foresight converge to elevate workforce management to new heights, ensuring that businesses can thrive in an era defined by change and innovation.
Through its unwavering commitment to flexibility, Jombone emboldens businesses to embrace change, optimize their staffing strategies, and chart a path towards sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape. By offering a suite of flexible staffing solutions, Jombone equips businesses with the tools necessary to harness the power of adaptability, innovation, and strategic alignment, ensuring that they can navigate workforce dynamics with confidence, resilience, and an unwavering focus on their long-term growth and prosperity.


Finding the right candidate for your business is crucial, and our temporary-to-permanent staffing solution offers the flexibility to assess potential employees on the job before transitioning them to permanent roles. This approach allows you to carefully evaluate employer-employee suitability, ensuring that you make informed hiring decisions and seamlessly onboard individuals as permanent employees. By doing so, you can effectively reduce the costs associated with full-time hires and also improve overall employee retention rates across all departments.
Our temp-to-perm solution provides access to a comprehensive suite of temporary staffing services until you are ready to convert. This means you have the support you need throughout the entire process, from initial evaluation to the seamless transition to permanent employment. This approach not only streamlines the hiring process but also ensures that you are bringing the right individuals into your organization from the outset, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
Additionally, by leveraging this staffing model, you are empowered to build a cohesive and effective team, one temporary employee at a time. This gradual, considered approach to team building can significantly impact your company's success in the long run, fostering a culture of careful selection and investment in talent. As a result, you can create a strong, dedicated workforce that is aligned with your business goals and values, ultimately driving growth and success.
We are dedicated to helping you find the best fit for your open hiring positions and supporting you in building your dream team. If you're ready to take the next step in optimizing your hiring process and cultivating a strong and cohesive workforce, get in touch with us at to explore how our temporary-to-permanent staffing solution can benefit your business.
Connect with us and we’ll show you a concrete contingent workforce hiring strategy with guaranteed cost savings and full compliance.